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Texas’ Leading Female Bartenders Shake Up Drinks for Charity

Speed Rack, an all-female bartending competition, is embarking on its fourth national tour, and making its first-ever stop in Dallas this Wednesday, January 14. 21 bartenders from the region will shake up cocktails (from a list of 50 accepted industry-standard classic recipes) and compete for the title of “Miss Speed Rack Dallas.”

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Look What I Made: Cleansing Chicken Soup

One of my favorite post-holiday meals comes from the Canal House Cooks Every Day cookbook. Located in the “January” section of the book — between a refreshing vegetable tonic, and avocado mash on multigrain toast — is a recipe for cleansing chicken-ginger soup. I like to use chicken broth instead of water, and bulk up the soup by adding additional vegetables known for their cleansing benefits, such as broccoli, golden beets, parsley, and cabbage. Here’s the recipe.

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Flashback Friday: The Best Restaurants in Dallas

The August 1988 issue of D Magazine features the 16 best restaurants in Dallas. The dining scene at the time was pegged as being less flamboyant in comparison to previous years, “For trendwatchers, these are very slack times,” the authors declare. “The joyous art of gastronomy must make its peace with the dismal science of economics, and that means belt-tightening-both literal and figurative.” So what was hot at the time? Generous portions and convenience, apparently.

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A Big Thank-You to Nancy Nichols

Earlier this week, Nancy put up a post that posed some good questions about the DMN’s selection of the best restaurants of 2014. She posed those questions to Leslie Brenner, telling her that she wasn’t looking to pick a fight. As she’s done for 18 years, she just wanted to have a conversation about the Dallas dining scene. Brenner responded that her best list stood on its own. But clearly Nancy’s thoughtful questions worked their magic on Brenner. They were too good to go unanswered. Because today, after telling Nancy that the best list stood on its own, Brenner wrote 1,300 words answering Nancy’s questions. I still don’t understand how the restaurant of the year could merit only three stars. But whatever. We’ve got ourselves a conversation. Thank you, Nancy, for starting it.

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Dear Restaurateurs, Please Go Easy on Serving Food in Mason Jars

I’m not sure why the idea of being served a salad in a mason jar bugs me so much, but it does. Perhaps it’s because I’m on deadline and I noticed a tweet with recipes for dishes to serve mason jars and it felt like a nice warm rabbit hole to run down and explore.

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Tei-An Named to Eater’s “38 Essential Restaurants” List

Eater national critic—and former DMN food critic—Bill Addison spent the past the past seven months dining in 28 American cities (and Montreal), in an attempt to determine the 38 essential American (and Montreal-ian) restaurants. Tei An, the delicious, incomparable Arts District spot, made the list.

“If Dallas doesn’t rank as one of the country’s great bastions of Asian cuisines, North Texas food lovers nonetheless know that they have something special in Teiichi Sakurai,” Addison writes. (I quibble with the slight on Dallas’ Asian cuisine, though I guess it’s technically our suburbs that really shine.)

Other Texas spots include Franklin Barbecue in Austin, and Oxheart and Underbelly, both in Houston. Here’s the full list. I’ve only been to two; time to book some flights.

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