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First Take: Café Momentum

I was invited to dine at Café Momentum Friday night for one of their soft opening dinners. The space has come a long way since I stopped in a couple of weeks ago. Dark wooden tables adorned with orange gerbera daisies lined the dining room, which was buzzing with a young staff dressed in black and white gingham pearl snap western shirts. In between the lull of songs (primarily a mix of doo-wop and ’60s hits) the sound of entrees sizzling erupted from the open kitchen. It was a lively accompaniment to the neon white strobes of light that shot in every few minutes from passing DART trains. And while it wasn’t bustling (this was a soft opening, after all) a steady flow of diners were seated throughout the evening.

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A Sneak Peek Inside Dallas Grilled Cheese Company

Mack Simpson has dreamed of opening a restaurant for a decade. Now, his dream has materialized into a cheese-filled reality. Simpson and a team of partners have transformed the old Book Doctor space at 310 W 7th St. into a rustic-chic grilled cheese restaurant, aptly named Dallas Grilled Cheese Company.

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Taste Test Thursday: Sea Salt

I recently revisited Jeffery Steingarten’s “Salt Chic” piece in “It Must’ve Been Something I Ate.” In the essay, the Vogue food critic explores the validity of exotic salts, and questions whether or not they’re worth paying extra for. “Now, every gourmet store sells costly varieties of salt in a rainbow of colors from the world over. Food fans who once brought back unusual olive oils to their friends back home now come bearing bags of exotic salts,” he writes. Later in the piece he conducts a salt taste test. I thought it would be fun to oversee my own salt taste test this week. The sea salts tasted included a Himalayan pink salt, black lava salt, fleur de sel, Brittany sea salt, Alaea red Hawaiian salt, and sea salt from Trapani. Unfortunately, not all of my co-workers felt the same. “We’re tasting salt?” one questioned. Another shot me a serious stink-eye and sneered, “this is gross.” I promised them something much more delicious next week.

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