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What To Drink Now: Domaine Carneros

Growing up in New Jersey in the days that cocktails were king and a wine cellar was unheard of, becoming a winemaker might have been a far fetched idea. However, thanks to a good father and inquisitive palate Eileen Crane learned to appreciate wine early, especially Champagne.  Eileen was in town recently and I joined her for lunch as her guest at Parigi to talk and to taste a few of her remarkable sparkling wines.

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Farm to Market Report: April 10 – 12

April showers really do bring May flowers… or vegetables. So grab a raincoat and head out to your local farmers market this weekend to pick up some flowers and produce to plant so you can have the freshest of greenery next month. As the weather warms each week, more and more farmers markets are opening up for the season, including Grapevine and Waxahachie this weekend.

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Pour Judgment: Fat Rabbit in Uptown

Fat Rabbit opened in the old Sfuzzi space on McKinney Avenue earlier this year. The restaurant and bar offers brunch, lunch, and dinner menus that focus on bar food items such as cinnamon roll french toast, paninis loaded with cheese, and BBQ fries. I stopped in a couple of weeks ago during happy hour, grabbed a stool at the mostly-packed bar, and ordered a drink.

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