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Making Dallas Even Better

First Bite: Royale Magnificent Burgers

In February, Royale Magnificent Burgers opened in Plano, two minutes from where Whiskey Cake is already serving an OMG burger of Brobdingnagian proportions, its signature a gargantuan onion ring that overshadows the patty and corrals a herd of sautéed mushrooms. The burger is impaled with a steak knife, as if to underscore its caveman scale. Take that, add a dose of whimsy, and you get Royale Magnificent Burgers.

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If Le Cirque Comes to Dallas: Potential News and a Thought Experiment

Last week I attended Le Cirque’s “pop-up” (if one can call a dinner that involves fine linen and a four-fork table setting a “pop-up”) at the Tower Club, and aside a fine meal from the New York restaurant’s new chef, there was also some interesting news.

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