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A Look at Dinner Lab with Chef Kyle McClelland and Michael Martensen

Dinner Lab is a unique “semi-pop up” concept that allows chefs to receive unabridged feedback from paying customers on a variety of dishes ranging from the experimental to reliable hallmarks. Notably, these experiences do not occur in any brick and mortar facility bearing any chef’s name. The Lab travels to unconventional venues and no one is revisited twice in any municipality.

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The Localist: Mr. Wittle’s Pie Filling

Mr. Wittle’s Fine Foods pie fillings are my newest obsession. I love to bake and I am in no way opposed to products that make the process a little easier. Of course I wish I could make each baked good completely from scratch but for me, and I’m sure lots of other “hobby bakers” out there, sometimes that is not an option. I am grateful for companies like Mr. Wittle’s that make products from the “freshest ingredients, never cutting corners,” so that I can.

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High Fives Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant to Open

I drove past the space that used to house the Slip Inn and Glass Boot Biergarten on Sunday. A large, colorful mural of two hands high-fiving caught my eye, so I pulled over. The painting on the side of the wall wasn’t the only indication that work had recently been done to the building, the dining room was gutted, and wooden picnic tables had been painted bright blue — a slight breeze wafted the smell of fresh paint across the patio, so it was clear that the updates were recent.

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