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The Weirdest Things Stolen From Dallas Restaurants

Back in 2013, at the peak of Moscow Mule madness, nationwide reports surfaced about the copper mugs that the cocktail comes served in going missing at a remarkable rate. Now every time I see one of the lustrous vessels behind a bar, my mind wanders: “Who would steal a copper mug?” “Was it a dare?” “Is there an underground tribe of artisan bladesmiths preparing for a Bronze Age revival?”

I started asking Dallas restaurant owners, general managers, and chefs about some of the strangest things that have gone missing from their establishments and was shocked to learn that people will lift just about anything they can get their greedy little hands on. Art, grapefruit, and wallpaper are among some of the weirdest items stolen from Dallas restaurants.

In no particular order, here’s a compilation of the craziest stories I’ve heard.

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