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Meat Fight Destroys Many Local Colons While Raising More Than $100,000 To Fight MS

On Saturday, the day before Meat Fight, an email was sent to everyone who’d bought a ticket. It read: “Just a reminder that the event is in a warehouse, and we will not have heat inside it. The temperature outside will be cold. We want to encourage you to wear coats, gloves and meat hats to stay warm.” It was indeed chilly yesterday in the big green warehouse in Trinity Groves where Meat Fight 2014 went down. You know what, though? Chilly is exactly how you want it when you’re stuffing your face with delicious smoked meats and Knob Creek. And once all 750 carnivores in attendance got their jaws moving, anyone wearing a meat hat would have put his head in jeopardy.

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Eat With Your Eyes: Goodfriend’s JCBC

The JCBC is one of several new additions to the revamped menu at Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House. It’s chicken stuffed with freshly diced jalapeños and cheddar cheese that is then wrapped in bacon and deep fried. It comes with house-made ranch dressing, but I recommend asking for the ghost chili ranch instead. Sure, it’s not the healthiest snack, but it’s fun. Like gorging at the State Fair. Or binge-watching reality TV.

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Flashback Friday: Top Taste Awards

The August 2000 issue of D Magazine pays homage to a hundred of the most notable contributors to the Dallas dining scene. The piece highlights everything from Fogo de Chao’s “costume design,” to deep fried miniature sawagani crabs at Teppo. Nancy Nichols, who wrote the entire twenty-four page piece by herself, won a gold medal from CRMA — the City and Regional Magazine Association — for the story. Nichols was also the mastermind behind the risqué cover, inspired from Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass’ 1965 album, Whipped Cream & Other Delights. However, the model was actually covered in shaving cream for the shoot.

Click the images to enlarge, and take a step back in Dallas dining history.

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The Fall Desserts of Dallas

Cooler temperatures have finally arrived in Dallas. Time to swap that crop-top for your favorite oversized cashmere sweater, and glass of kale juice for a slice of butter pecan pie. Nothing beats curling up next to a fireplace — or space heater — on a frosty day, with a bowl of something sticky and sweet. Desserts just taste better in the fall. Area restaurants are celebrating the cold front with new, seasonal confections. So, change into your stretchy pants and take a look at what they’re plating up.

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Downtown Gets New Coffee Shop/Bookstore

Anne Holcomb spent some time in Argentina, where she fell in love with the bookstores and coffee shops. “They were very much my touchstones in a foreign land,” she says. When she left Argentina, she moved to Dallas, where she thought she’d be a theater teacher. But she came to Dallas in the middle of a recession, and things didn’t go as planned. She worked at a furniture store, and got into meditation. That’s where she met John Walsh. And that’s when they hatched the idea to start a business together.

On Halloween, Holcomb and Walsh (who haven’t given themselves titles yet, but we’ll call them the owners/managers) opened Serj Books, downtown Dallas’ newest coffee shop/bookstore. The small space, near the Saint Paul DART stop, is quaint. There’s a large bar where Holcomb and Walsh create drinks, a few tables with paper and crayons on top to encourage doodling, wood-paneled walls holding books, and signage with the Joke of the Day listed alongside Soup of the Day (try the chili, Holcomb’s recipe).

When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by Walsh, who is eager to tell you the joke of the day. (What do you call bears without shoes? Barefoot.) Be prepared to hang out for a minute—it’s a slow bar. Take a look at the books, which is a varied collection, including children’s books, pop culture, cooking books, and a book by local publisher Deep Vellum. Holcomb says the collection is something that will evolve as the shop evolves.

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Farm to Market Report: November 14 – 16

Don’t let the cooler temperatures keep you in this weekend. Although this week’s freeze affected some vendors around the area, there’s still plenty to choose from. With the winter season in full swing, you’ll find an abundance of greens. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, check out what your area farmers market has to offer. Plan ahead and shop early.

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A Grocery List of Food Books for Every Reader and Appetite

Pleasure reading is a rare thing in today’s fast-paced society. When you’re not working nine to five, you’re probably reaping the benefits of happy hour or binge watching a marathon of Top Chef with a pint of Bluebell in your lap. That’s why when it comes to sitting down with a read, other than the latest “Best of” list, you want it to grab your interest. Through the years, I’ve stumbled upon authors that share my passion for food by showing me different angles of the culinary world. Below you will find my grocery list of books for almost every reader and appetite:

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