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A Look at Proof + Pantry’s Summer Menu

Proof + Pantry is a restaurant that accentuates the balance of American food and drink. Harmony is achieved by breaking down complicated culinary concepts into simpler techniques, and executing them perfectly to achieve dishes that are not only full of flavor, but also extremely easy on the eye. The menu, which is categorized as “Soil,” “By Sea,” “By Land,” “Bulk,” and “Sweets & Cheeses”, highlights the fact that Proof + Pantry places a premium on sourcing the best ingredients to create each dish.

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Bizarre Booze: The Malaysian Mule at Tate’s

I pulled up a stool at the dark, wooden bar at Tate’s and was greeted by the bartender, he handed me a water and a menu. I’d been to this Uptown cocktail den many times before, their La Ultima Palabra (similar to a Last Word except made with mezcal instead of gin) keeps me coming back time and again. I wanted to veer away from my usual, though. “The Malaysian Mule is one of our most popular drinks,” the bartender explained. I was skeptical. I usually tend to avoid anything with the word “mule” in it. He insisted that the drink was “very good.” I took the plunge.

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A Look at Dinner Lab with Chef Kyle McClelland and Michael Martensen

Dinner Lab is a unique “semi-pop up” concept that allows chefs to receive unabridged feedback from paying customers on a variety of dishes ranging from the experimental to reliable hallmarks. Notably, these experiences do not occur in any brick and mortar facility bearing any chef’s name. The Lab travels to unconventional venues and no one is revisited twice in any municipality.

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