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What To Drink Now: Oregon Chardonnay

When we think of well-made Chardonnay our minds might take us to the steely wines of Chablis, creamy yet mineral rich wines of Montrachet, or juicy, lively wines of Napa and Sonoma. Including Oregon in this discussion may not have happened a handful of years ago, as the Chardonnay grown in Willamette Valley until recent years has been rather flabby, flat and uninteresting.

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Pour Judgment: A New ‘Secret’ Uptown Bar, Atwater Alley

Henry’s Majestic opened last October in the space that once housed ACME F&B. The restaurant and bar from the team behind Bread Winners Café has been plating dinner, brunch, and now lunch, and shaking up some serious cocktails ever since. Alex Fletcher, previously of the People’s Last Stand and more recently Victor Tango’s, has crafted a complex and rotating drink menu that packs a punch.

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Postcard From Italy: The Wines of Alto Adige

In Alto Adige, you’ll find massive sloping terraces of vines that soar thousands of feet into the sky, with conditions influenced by the Dolomite Mountains leading into the Italian and Swiss Alps. Maintaining vines that typically shouldn’t exist at elevations so high is laborious, but worth it for the wines the region produces.

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