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Making Dallas Even Better

Pho House Opens Across From the Galleria on September 13

Even though the pho trend is quickly being replaced by ramen, this doesn’t mean Vietnamese noodles are ever going away. Dallas clearly loves them. The proof is in the Galleria Village on the Green. Starting Friday, September 13, mall shoppers can slurp down a hearty bowl of soup at Pho House, which has taken over […]

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Pouting Over Poutine

A couple of weeks ago I gushed about my love for the burgers at Kenny’s Burger Joint.  One of our Sidedishers, “Kirk,” commented that they offered “the closest facsimile of poutine in the DFW area.”  When I heard this, it was not long until I found my way back to sample the Kenny’s version.  As […]

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Anthony Bourdain Kicks Some Serious Sass in Dallas

Last night, Anthony Bourdain fans packed the Majestic Theater. Baseball be damned, the worshipers of All-Things-Anthony showed up to lay themselves at the cowboy-booted feet of their hero. Tony walked onto the stage at 8:10 and greeted the audience: “I am a whore. I am in every way compromised, jaded, bought and paid for, including […]

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John Tesar Milks a Cow and Wins $10,000 on Extreme Chef

Last night John Tesar played a 53-year old geezer chef on a thrilling episode of Food Network’s Extreme Chef. He faced two younger chefs: Joe, a douchey New York dude who was once a private chef for Donald Trump; and Greg, a Portland chef who couldn’t cut it in medical school so he quit and […]

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What the Pho? It’s the Summer of Hot Noodles.

Clearly this summer’s steamy temps (my car’s external temperature gauge registered 122 degrees yesterday) are not hindering our love of hot soups, more specifically Vietnamese pho (pronounced sort of like “fuh” but with a pitch rise at the end). A while back I attended a tasting at Pho Colonial, which looks like its finally ready […]

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