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Food News and No Booze (2/4/13)

J. Pepes on Greenville is closed for renovations. A loyal SideDisher and J. Pepes fan writes in: J Pepes is closing for “renovations” after Sunday (2/3).  Don’t know anything else about what they’re doing, when they’re reopening, etc., but the many regulars are despondent at the loss of their local. Eater National calls Pizza Hut’s new pizza sliders […]

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Don’t Eat This Now: Drunk Bread at Max’s Wine Dive

I was excited to try Max’s Wine Dine. I love Champagne and fried chicken. Been pairing them together since college. Monday night I unofficially dined at Max’s with some dear friends. Good News: The Henri Billiot Brut Rose Champagne was a lovely way to end a day. Bad News: The pan borracho (“drunk bread) is […]

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National Chicken Council Projects Sales of 25 Billion Wings in 2012. Richardson-Based Wingstop Expects to Pluck 5.6 Million.

I once made my opinion of the (worthless) honeydew melon very clear. Today I bring up the yucky chicken wing. They have never appealed to me but apparently I am in the minority. This morning comes word from the National Chicken Council: “More than 1.25 billion wings will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend (100 […]

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Restaurant Rant: Why I Continue to (Really) Hate Paula Deen

In August 2008, I traveled to Savannah, Georgia where I dined at Paula Deen’s restaurant Lady & Sons. We ran a post titled “Paula Deen Wants to Kill You.” I wrote: I can still smell the rancid butter that hit us in the face when we walked in the door. I’ve got to find the […]

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Texas State Fair Food: Fun or Foul?

I was talking with a friend of mine who loves the fried food madness of the Texas State Fair. Obviously many other people share her passion for fried strawberry waffles, fried margaritas, fried butter, and fried bubblegum. The recent “winners” for this year’s State Fair were announced Wednesday and the local blogs comment boxes have […]

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Enchilada Report: Avila’s in Dallas

After the World Series, I asked you guys to tell me where to ease my depression by going face down in a plate of enchiladas. I took all of your suggestions to heart, but headed to one of my usual down-and-dirty favs, Escondido. As I drove down Maple, I passed Avila’s. I haven’t eaten there […]

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Big Tex Choice Awards Announced

Last year was the year of fried butter at the State Fair of Texas. What will this year be? You’ve got eight choices: Deep Fried S’mores Pop•Tart, Fried Chocolate, Deep Fried Frozen Margarita, Fried Lemonade, Fernie’s Fried Club Salad, Texas Fried Caviar, Fried Beer Texas, and Fried Frito Pie. Go here to find out more.

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Restaurant Review: Brunch at J. Black’s Feelgood Lounge in Dallas

After two local email newsletters featured J. Black’s Feelgood Lounge in the same week, I had two friends ask me to go. One was seduced by the idea of the Bloody Mary bar; the other by the words “brunch” and “Austin” together in a sentence. I based my decision on the online menu, which looked […]

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Inside The Edit Process of a Restaurant Review: The Meddlesome Moth in Dallas

All writers need editors. They help us stay focused. They put up with our propensity to procrastinate. They pull us out of rabbit holes. They also cut the fakafaka out of our copy. This month I reviewed the Meddlesome Moth for D Magazine. Each month before I type the first word,  I know I’m usually […]

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Restaurant Review (Sorta): Villa-O in Dallas

The menu reads: Original!  Organic! Oceanic! I am adding: Oh, my head! A couple of nights ago, I set out to revisit Villa-O in Travis Walk. It was a lovely evening and we decided to join the throngs and thongs on the patio. I admit I wasn’t feeling well. The high pollen counts in Dallas […]

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What is the Next Dallas Food Trend?

We’ve had petit fours, cupcakes, whoopie pies (sorta), and frozen yogurt. If you had a million dollars, check that, I mean at least two million dollars, what new “trend” or would you bet on? Probably too late for a taco joint. What’s the next big deal?

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Matthew Antonovich, Matthew Antonovich? Where are You? Louisville, Kentucky!

Good lord have mercy on my wicked soul. Chef Matthew “Fingers of TIE Flurry” Antonovich blew back into Dallas a few months ago with a long load of bull. In particular, a stream of wordy releases boasting his 12,000-square-foot Thai Steakhouse and club located “just a drive by the Arts, the American Airlines Event Center, […]

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“Luniz” is The Commenter of the Month

Teresa Gubbins weighs in before she starts The Restaurant Critic’s Diet. Wow. Just when you think the whole world is one big hateful blog, something nice happens and you can almost believe that not everyone is an evil, mean person. Last week several very evil and mean people left comments under my Life of a […]

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