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Making Dallas Even Better

Kessler Pie Co. Bakes Handmade Pies in Oak Cliff

71-year-old Armida Ortega has been baking since she was 12. “I started making cakes for my family, and then pies. I would always bake for the holidays,” she says. We’re standing in the middle of Ortega’s kitchen at her North Oak Cliff home. An enormous granite island is covered in colorful pies. I count seven. The room doesn’t smell like how I expected it to. Rather than being filled with sweetness, the air is thick with a familiar and savory scent. Is that pizza?

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Bruno Davaillon Staying in Dallas; What To Expect From the Stellar Chef Next

Last month, the news hit that Michelin-starred executive chef Bruno Davaillon would leave the Mansion at the end of November. To say the news “hit” is too mild. It crashed into our dining consciousness with the impact of a meteorite. It launched a Dante-esque descent through various stages of despair. I wrote a post in praise of the supremely talented chef. Nancy penned an ardent plea in the form of an open letter, begging him not to forsake the city whose culinary bar he’d raised by his mere presence.

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