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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas/Fort Worth Food News Briefs

Truck Yard Par-tay. Ready? Truck Yard has been selected by Thrillist as one of America’s Best Banquet Bars. Huh? “As one of twenty “Best Banquet Bar” locations nationwide, Truck Yard shows a unique devotion to remain unchanged and a honorable stubbornness;  just like Coors Banquet.” Huh? Who cares, they’re throwing a free happy hour tonight […]

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Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need? Ctd.

Last night, our food truck reporter, and all-around good guy, George Lewis sent me a link to a story I posted in October 2009. I posed the question:  The inside-the-loop-outside-the-loop foodie argument drives me nuts. There is great food all over this area if you are willing to drive. But if you had one restaurant wish, what […]

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I Am Still Sick of the Word: Foodie

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins posted a funny item yesterday: 12 signs of the new Dallas foodie revolution. Gubbshoe claims “ Dallas has two kinds of foodies”—old and new–and follows her thesis with a list that distinguishes them. Funny stuff. Except for one thing: her use of the term foodie. Wait, make that two: if one is old, they can’t […]

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Savor and Relish in Klyde Warren Park are Soft Opening Next Week

Wasn’t Klyde Warren Park just built yesterday? Now its two restaurants, Savor and Relish, are gearing up to open next week. Craziness. Everything is opening next week! Starting Tuesday, September 24, the gastropub (Savor) and casual cafe (Relish) will be dining destinations for park-goers in downtown Dallas. Uh oh, LARK on the Park. Enjoy your […]

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Arlingtonites, Get Excited for the New Urban Acres Farm Stand in Your City

We love Urban Acres, a local organic market that focuses on supporting Texas farm families, so we couldn’t wait to announce its new partnership with Potager Cafe and the UTA Office of Sustainability. Starting March 23, Urban Acres will open a co-op style produce farm at Potager’s “Other Stuff” Store on 208 S. Mesquite Street (Arlington) […]

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Enticed Shaved Ice Expands Fleet, Dallas Gets its First Pizza Truck: TX Delizioso

We told you about Enticed Shaved Ice in the middle of an extraordinarily hot August.  One commenter wrote: “Excellent product and friendly people.” How right they are. But shaved ice doesn’t sell well when it’s raining and windy and the temperature dips below 40 degrees. So owners and entrepreneurs Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblett decided […]

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