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Making Dallas Even Better

Josh Valentine is Building a Restaurant in Oklahoma. Literally.

A few months ago, Josh Valentine left his pastry cheffing duties at FT33 to return to Oklahoma, his home state. Turns out he wasn’t much of a Dallas guy. Sad. We lost the biggest bacon-enthusiast in our city. The Top Chef: Seattle contestant has since become executive chef at The George: A Prime Steakhouse, named […]

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Top Chef: Seattle, Episode 15 Recap: Josh Valentine Becomes a Daddy, Faces Possible Elimination

Alright, alright. Maybe I’ve been giving Josh a hard time at the beginning of these recap sessions, but he somehow transformed into a huggable teddy bear after Tesar left. In this episode, his expressions are pretty adorable. What can I say? I guess JT just rubbed him the wrong way. Round 1: The Last Quickfire […]

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The Most Hated Risotto in America: John Tesar’s Losing Recipe

I was traveling when John Tesar was booted off of Top Chef for his risotto. I learned of the tragedy in an airport in Nicaragua. I overheard two Nicaraguan women in the airport talking in the ladies room. “Oh, senor Tesar conseguido un trato malo!” cried one. “Es el peor momento jamás para un jefe […]

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