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Making Dallas Even Better

More North Texas Taco Events to Put on Your Calendar

I’m sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, but the North Texas Taco Festival, put on by Rich Vana and José Ralat-Maldonado of Taco Trail, is (for now) terminado. There won’t be another street-wide bash this year. Its first and last year in Deep Ellum proved to be an exciting one, but the whole shebang took way too much time to produce.

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Tickets on Sale for ‘A Community Cooks’ at WE Over Me Farm

Guys, I can almost smell spring in the air. And that means ‘A Community Cooks’ at Paul Quinn College Farm is happening soon. Every year, the football-field-turned-farm transforms into a beautiful backdrop for one of the most delightful dinners of the season. Honestly, it’s gorgeous and you won’t want to miss it.

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Bits & Bites: Things to Do and Chew This Weekend, Dec. 13-15

Despite this cold and rainy weather, there are a ton of fun things happening this weekend. I know y’all want to snuggle indoors, but push that thought to the back of your head. Ignore those voices. Go out. Drive at a normal speed on North Central Expressway. (All you people clogging up the highways during traffic hour, I shake my fist at you.) YOLO, baby.

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