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Making Dallas Even Better

Fourth of July Guide: 4 Dallas Chefs’ Favorite Cookout Recipes

This July 4, don’t settle for your usual hot-dog-and-hamburger routine. Four Dallas chefs are sharing their secrets and tips for the tastiest Independence Day cookout your neighborhood has ever seen. Step it up a notch with Lockhart’s spicy adobo sauce, Komali’s pineapple habanero ribs, TJ’s grilled salmon with cucumber dill sauce, and Chino’s teriyaki steak […]

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The Taste, Episode 8: Finale

It’s finale time! The final four contestants – home cook Sarah, personal chef Khristianne, chef consultant Diane and culinary instructor Gregg – face off in the stadium for guest judge (and Khristianne’s idol) Jose Andres. Because it’s the finale, things are being done a little different this time. Each chef must prepare three spoons with […]

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The Taste, Episode 5 Recap: The Art of the Sandwich

The 12 remaining chefs are told that this week’s theme is “back to basics with the humble, yet much-loved sandwich.” Teams are allowed to serve their sandwiches on small plates instead of spoons (thank God) and must prepare one of the following classics: a club, PB&J, or a salad – tuna, chicken, or egg. Nigella’s […]

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The Taste, Episode 4 Recap: Daring Pairings

The remaining 14 contestants are told that this week’s challenge theme is wine pairing. “The only thing that can make food better is wine,” explains Nigella, and the contestants are introduced to the judges of the group taste test, Andre Mack, owner of Mouton Noir Wines and David Kinch, a Michelin star award-winning chef. The […]

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The Taste, Episode 3 Recap: Comfort Food

After two audition episodes, the four mentors (Ludo Lefebvre, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Brian Malarkey) are finally ready to compete after choosing four lucky chefs to be a part of their teams. The mentors are ready to lead them, guns a’ blazin’. The show’s first competition, a group competition, pits each cheftestant against each […]

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