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Making Dallas Even Better

The Localist: Mr. Wittle’s Pie Filling

Mr. Wittle’s Fine Foods pie fillings are my newest obsession. I love to bake and I am in no way opposed to products that make the process a little easier. Of course I wish I could make each baked good completely from scratch but for me, and I’m sure lots of other “hobby bakers” out there, sometimes that is not an option. I am grateful for companies like Mr. Wittle’s that make products from the “freshest ingredients, never cutting corners,” so that I can.

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The Localist: 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix

Odds are when you think of Texas cocktails, a martini is not the first to pop into your head. But with products like 1888 Dirtiest Martini Mix being bottled right here in Dallas, it should at least be on the list. 1888 is the first and only authentic olive juice pressed from whole Spanish olives. And it’s by far the best olive juice I have ever tasted.

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