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Making Dallas Even Better

Deal for New Herrera’s Location on Maple Avenue Falls Through

Oh, holy horrors. Herrera’s Cafe has backed out of a deal for a new location on Maple Avenue. They can’t afford to stay. Crow Holdings? Are you listening? We don’t like this.

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Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast

Jimmy John’s advertises that their delivery is Freaky Fast.  See their blog at  But does their desire to be freaky fast give their 20-something young man without a handicapped placard some freaky authorization to park in a handicapped parking place?  The driver did dutifully leave his flashers on. We’ve had our say about valet […]

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Pouting Over Poutine

A couple of weeks ago I gushed about my love for the burgers at Kenny’s Burger Joint.  One of our Sidedishers, “Kirk,” commented that they offered “the closest facsimile of poutine in the DFW area.”  When I heard this, it was not long until I found my way back to sample the Kenny’s version.  As […]

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Restaurant Rant: Why I Continue to (Really) Hate Paula Deen

In August 2008, I traveled to Savannah, Georgia where I dined at Paula Deen’s restaurant Lady & Sons. We ran a post titled “Paula Deen Wants to Kill You.” I wrote: I can still smell the rancid butter that hit us in the face when we walked in the door. I’ve got to find the […]

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Confession: I am Guilty of a Heinous Wine Crime

Forgive me Master Sommeliers and wine collectors around the world, I have sinned. I am here to confess my deepest darkest wine secret: I improperly stored four bottles of fabulous wine. For nearly 35 years. Look at the photos and weep with (for?) me. I recently uncovered these bottles in a box buried beneath a […]

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McDonald’s Brings Back the McRib?

Huh? Hasn’t this icky boneless mystery meat sandwich already had more comebacks than Donny and Marie? According to this, they’re rolling out the old queen on November 14. One interesting note in the story is that Germany is the only place where it’s always been available. WTF? Germany? McRib? Do you people eat this stuff? […]

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