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Report From Japan: Master Sommelier James Tidwell is Okay

Last week I spoke with the James Tidwell, the Master Sommelier at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. It was a few days before he left for a three-week trip to Japan. He planned to spend time at the Four Seasons in Tokyo before heading out to tour the country which included a stop in […]

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Restaurant News: Bits and Bites

The following news comes from the copy and paste press release department. 1)The Dallas Morning News Wine Competition (DMNWC) has added TexSom, the country’s only organization that produces a yearly conference for sommeliers, as a “co-presenter and production partner”. TexSom was founded by James Tidwell (Four Seasons) and Drew Hendricks (Pappas Bros. Houston) and the […]

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Texas Sommelier Conference Report: Unique Blind Tasting of Wine Flaws Without the Wine

This morning at TexSom I didn’t drink a drop of wine but I tasted plenty of major wine flaws. At the same time, I also discovered another useful purpose for vodka. But I didn’t drink that either. Lest you think I’ve been dipping into something stronger, I’ll enlighten you: My nose got a major workout […]

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Special Report: Texas Sommelier Conference in Las Colinas

Last year, TexSom organizers  Drew Hendricks and James Tidwell whooped it up at TexSom in  Las Colinas. Yesterday, they did it again. Andrew Chalk spent all day Sunday at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas, Texas. No he wasn’t lounging by the pool, he was hunkered down in a conference room along […]

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