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Making Dallas Even Better

A Look at Quesa on Cedar Springs

First things first, Quesa is not a Tex-Mex restaurant. “Our food has nothing to do with Tex-Mex,” owner Patricia Cabrera explained to me, “In Mexico, if you order a taco, they don’t give you rice and beans with it,” and the same rule applies to the tacos that are served at the new Cedar Springs restaurant.

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Flashback Friday: Where to Find Real Tex-Mex

Last week’s Flashback Friday post featured the February 1986 issue of D Magazine, which forecasted a bleak future for combination platters and frozen margaritas. Thankfully that predication was bogus, and just ten years later there were more than 400 thriving Mexican restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The August 1996 cover story narrows that selection down to 15 leading restaurants, and explores what makes them uniquely superior to the rest. You might be surprised by how many of them are still dishing out mounds of chips and salsa.

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Flashback Friday: The Death of Tex-Mex?

The February 1986 issue of D Magazine explores the bleak state of Tex-Mex at the time. D Magazine restaurant critic W.L. (Lawson) Taitte and local celebrity “Buffalo” George Toomer partake in a five-page discussion (banter, really) on brown and yellow combination platters, chip consistency and cilantro (which Toomer deems “cute” and a “girl food”).

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Taco Night at Four Corners Brewing Co.

Some of Dallas’ best taquerias are gathering at Four Corners Brewing Co. on Thursday, November 6 for a full-fledged taco party. The taquerias are serving “el verdadero sabor (the true taste)” of Mexico with tacos de trompo. Dos Primos Tacos will make their Dallas debut at the event with paprika-based adobo tacos de trompo — pork tacos from northern Mexico. El Tizoncito, El Come Taco and Urban Taco are plating DF-style tacos, which stands for Distrito Federal Mexico (Mexico City). These al pastor tacos are usually marinated with a chile-based and achiote adobo.

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Gonzalez Restaurant: Still Making Some of the Best Tex-Mex in Dallas

When someone tosses around words like “The Best,” I tend to roll my eyes. We all have different preferences as to what constitutes the best. More so, when someone claims they know the best Mexican restaurant, I just can’t take it seriously. In a city where you can find more shacks dishing out breakfast tacos […]

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More North Texas Taco Events to Put on Your Calendar

I’m sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, but the North Texas Taco Festival, put on by Rich Vana and José Ralat-Maldonado of Taco Trail, is (for now) terminado. There won’t be another street-wide bash this year. Its first and last year in Deep Ellum proved to be an exciting one, but the whole shebang took way too much time to produce.

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Texas Burrito Company, a New Food Truck, Launches in Dallas

Last night, I was invited to an event at the Community Brewing Company to sample Two Trucks’ newest addition to its food truck family, Texas Burrito Company. Texas Burrito Company serves burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads, which all scream Mexican with a little bit of Texan on the side. I ordered the Rio Grande, a flour tortilla stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, brown or white rice, black beans, sweet barbacoa pork, topped with a green chile sauce. Oh man, was this not your average Chipotle burrito. The sweet barbacoa pork paired with the spicy green chile sauce made for the perfect combination of pure burrito goodness. My friend ordered the Amarillo By Morning burrito, which comes with a four tortilla, queso fresco, brown or white rice, black beans, green chili chicken and roasted garlic with tomatillo sauce and a sour cream drizzle. If you’re into the plain-jane chicken burrito thing, then this is the burrito for you. It’s nothing crazy-adventurous yet still delicious.

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Taste Test Thursday: Guacamole

Avocado is a summer fruit, but when it’s 20-something degrees outside (like it was this entire past week), all our bodies are longing for sunshine. And guacamole, obviously.

In Texas, if you say you don’t like guacamole, people will look at you funny. People will think there’s something wrong with you, ’cause chances are… there might be. Guacamole is a universally liked appetizer, and we know we’re ordering it before we even sit down to eat. It’s easy to make, easy to eat, and it’s healthy. The best time to do this guacamole taste test would’ve been in the summer, but I couldn’t wait until then. It’s too far away.

Avocados are life-saving fruits, and they make the world a better place. That’s why I had to do some sleuthing. I had to find out where the best guac in Dallas is made.

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