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Making Dallas Even Better

Taste Test Thursday: Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Bites Pizza

By now you’re surely aware of Pizza Hut’s hot dog bites monstrosity. For those of you not in the pop culture food loop, let me fill you in: as of today, the nation can call up their corner Pizza Hut location and dial in an order for pizza with cocktail weenies wrapped in the crust. My inner 7-year-old was jumping off the walls at the notion of hot dogs and pizza combined into the same food item, so I ordered a couple of pies to the office.

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Taste Test Thursday: Chocolate Macarons

It seems there’s a food holiday for every type of cuisine under the sun. Heck, even blueberry pancakes have their own special day. That said, tomorrow is National Macaron Day. The French pastries have made quite a name for themselves over the past couple of years, and more and more bakeries in town are offering the dainty treats. For this week’s taste test we tried four different chocolate macarons. They were all unique, but one was unanimously more delicious than the others.

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