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Making Dallas Even Better

A Look at Quesa on Cedar Springs

First things first, Quesa is not a Tex-Mex restaurant. “Our food has nothing to do with Tex-Mex,” owner Patricia Cabrera explained to me, “In Mexico, if you order a taco, they don’t give you rice and beans with it,” and the same rule applies to the tacos that are served at the new Cedar Springs restaurant.

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Taco Night at Four Corners Brewing Co.

Some of Dallas’ best taquerias are gathering at Four Corners Brewing Co. on Thursday, November 6 for a full-fledged taco party. The taquerias are serving “el verdadero sabor (the true taste)” of Mexico with tacos de trompo. Dos Primos Tacos will make their Dallas debut at the event with paprika-based adobo tacos de trompo — pork tacos from northern Mexico. El Tizoncito, El Come Taco and Urban Taco are plating DF-style tacos, which stands for Distrito Federal Mexico (Mexico City). These al pastor tacos are usually marinated with a chile-based and achiote adobo.

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More North Texas Taco Events to Put on Your Calendar

I’m sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, but the North Texas Taco Festival, put on by Rich Vana and José Ralat-Maldonado of Taco Trail, is (for now) terminado. There won’t be another street-wide bash this year. Its first and last year in Deep Ellum proved to be an exciting one, but the whole shebang took way too much time to produce.

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TacoCon Drinks Other Food Festivals Under the Table

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Friday’s TacoCon (Cerveza) was a roaring success. By the time I’d arrived, the trucks had already sprawled themselves across Four Corner Brewing Co.’s parking lot and were setting up for the madness that was about to go down. The delicious smells dancing across the lot highlighted my own […]

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Sad News: Rusty Fenton of Rusty Taco Died This Morning

We heard through the grapevine that Rusty Fenton, the man who founded Uncle Julio’s and Rusty Taco, passed away this morning from cancer.  The veteran restaurateur opened his first taqueria along Greenville Avenue in 2010, and his successful mechanic-shop-turned-taco-shop even made our list of “The Best Tacos in Dallas.” Joe Fenton, Rusty’s brother, posted this […]

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Taco Bueno in Mesquite Gets a Brand New Look, Thanks to Plan B Group

The same guys who brought you Bolsa, Velvet Taco, Whiskey Cake, and East Hampton Sandwich Co. have just completed another project. This time, Plan B Group remodeled the Taco Bueno at 1723 West Scyene Rd. in Mesquite to make it look even spiffier. Tomorrow, at 9 a.m., the store is celebrating its official re-opening with […]

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