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Making Dallas Even Better

Where to Grab a Bite and Catch the Game this TX/OU Weekend

The annual smackdown between Texas and OU kicks off at the Cotton Bowl this weekend. While I may not fall partial to either team, I will gladly partake in any and all food related specials throughout the weekend, as there are many to pick from. Choose your allegiance or simply choose your destination, but if you can’t make up your mind then I highly suggest jumping from one watch party to the next.

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The Best Vegetarian Bites at the State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas is a meat-lover’s wonderland. There’s Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, brisket, turkey legs and bacon. Oh, so much bacon. But what about the herbivores of the world who want nothing more than to eat something deliciously fried and on a stick? It can be a challenge for vegetarians to find equally exciting bites. Even the fried Sriracha balls have meat in them. This past Sunday, I asked a couple of friends — who also happen to be vegetarians — to join me at the fair, to explore beyond the realm of funnel cakes and french fries, and discover some of the best meat-free options. Here’s what we found.

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The Magnolia Pavilion is Open at the State Fair of Texas

State fair concessionaire, Isaac Rousso, knows how to please a crowd. Last year, he took home a Big-Tex Choice award in the “Best Taste” category for his deep fried Cuban roll. The combination of pork shoulder, ham and Swiss cheese is luscious. In an artery-clogging kind of way. While he didn’t take home a golden Big-Tex statue this year, Rousso was a finalist for his deep fried Texas bluebonnet; a blueberry muffin made from scone batter that is stuffed with blueberries, cream cheese and white chocolate and topped with powdered sugar, blueberries, whipped cream and more white chocolate. Are you drooling yet?

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Go Texan at the State Fair of Texas

I was having the kind of state fair experience that I never knew I wanted. Friendly faces waved me over from one booth to the next, offering up a smorgasbord of secret family recipes and award-winning Texas treats at the Food & Fiber Pavilion at Fair Park. Texas-made salsas, sauces, marinades, cookies, pickles, and pralines lined the walls and tables of the pavilion. Husband-and-wife duos and family recipes passed down for generations were in no shortage, and each delicious snack seemed to have a secret ingredient of its own.

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Our Guide to New Fried Foods at the State Fair of Texas

There are so many different ways to burn a hole in your wallet at the State Fair of Texas. There’s the Midway games, face painting, that fluorescent pink ride with DJ Tiesto’s face on it that blares techno. But one of the most popular ways to blow through your tickets is by chowing down on greasy, fair food. I attended the 10th annual Big Tex Choice Awards and gorged on every single item that was nominated (you must try the fried Golf shrimp boil), but not everything that’s new to the fair this year was given the spotlight. There are plenty of calorific items sliding into fryer baskets under-the-radar. Here’s a list of some new greasy morsels that deserve some love, too.

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Galleria Restaurants Serve Up Fried Foods for Fair Season

The State Fair isn’t the only place to find tasty fried foods next month. In homage, restaurants at the Galleria Dallas have created fried desserts for those who can’t make it to Fair Park. Beginning on September 26, the first day of the Fair, guests can find these treats at the Galleria: Apple Fried Pie […]

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