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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Restaurant in Dallas for a Standing Reception

She’s from out of town and looking for some help from those of you in the know. I’m looking for a restaurant venue that can hold 90-100 guests for a standing reception. Light hors d’oeuvres, alcohol, and cake will be served. In Dallas proper. Approximate guest count: 90 Tentative date: August 31, 2014 (open to […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Where to Take a Cocktail Snob in Dallas

Wine snobs are so 90s. Even hard core oenophiles don’t live and die by vintages as often as they did in the 80s and 90s. Now, drinkers are more likely to be cocktail snobs: the ice has to be clear (or round); the bitters must be housemade. I find the trend refreshing in every sense […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: How to Make Firm Tofu

Alright, tofu-loving people. We need all your brains today. Anybody got answers for this poor gal? She needs the secret to making extra, extra firm tofu. Shoot your tips in the comments down below. You can even include recipes. How do I make firm tofu? I can’t get it right. I buy the extra firm […]

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