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Making Dallas Even Better

Somebody Help This Poor Girl: The Most ‘Dallas’ Dallas Restaurant

Here is an interesting request from a gal who has friends coming to town and would like to show them the food experiences that best represent Dallas. What’s the most “Dallas” Dallas restaurant?

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Should Monkey King Noodle Co. Switch From Hand-Pulled Noodles to a Machine?

Monkey King Noodle Co., the tiny food stand in Deep Ellum that boasts hand-pulled noodles, is experiencing a slight demand and supply problem these days. Demand has increased, but supply has stayed the same. Owners Michelle Midyette, Andrew Chen, and Michael Chen have toyed with the thought of buying a machine that will increase noodle production, but they’re not sure if this is the best way for the restaurant to grow. After all, it’s their first business together.

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