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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: How to Make Firm Tofu

Alright, tofu-loving people. We need all your brains today. Anybody got answers for this poor gal? She needs the secret to making extra, extra firm tofu. Shoot your tips in the comments down below. You can even include recipes. How do I make firm tofu? I can’t get it right. I buy the extra firm […]

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This Little Piggy Went Downtown

We’re suckers for any press release that contains the following sentences: Yes, this is really real. Don’t you judge us; we all knew it would end up here someday. And yeah, your right we probably did go too far this time. Sorry, Mom. It seems a couple well-intentioned entrepreneurs have teamed up with J&D’s Foods […]

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Studs Terkel Was My Homeboy—Or What’s On the Menu For Your Labor Day Cookout?

After staring into my fridge for the umpteenth time this week and exclaiming out loud to anyone within earshot, “Who lives here, and why don’t they buy any food??” I’ve realized that it’s time to actually go to the grocery store. And with the long Labor Day weekend ahead of us (I vaguely remember offering […]

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