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Exclusive Special Report: Jamie Benn Follows SideDish

The captain of the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn, reads SideDish. And he’s not at the top of SideDish’s Most Influential Followers list. Check out this scientific study that reveals the real power players behind our popular food blog.

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Former DMN Dining Critic Bill Addison is Now Joining Eater

Eater, that scary food-news-driven website with a deluge of information, is going from a fun food blog to super food-established. Yesterday, it announced big stinking news. The website has hired three full-time restaurant critics. Former Dallas Morning News and Atlanta Magazine’s critic, Bill Addison, is one of them, along with Robert Sietsema (Village Voice) and Robert Sutton (Bloomberg).

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Who Eats Alone Anymore?

Observer’s Scott Reitz named his five favorite places to eatĀ alone in this week’s print edition. Local, Mesa, Bolsa, Yutaka, and Taco Stop made the Lonely List, but who actually ventures out to a restaurant by themselves these days? Anyone who does is either a sketchy guy picking up chicks or glued to their iPhone 4s […]

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Michelle Obama (and Some Top Chefs) Heading to Dallas

Hello. I am simultaneously chewing on almonds and silently going crazy because I might be standing in the same room as Michelle Obama this Friday. Bravo just announced that Top Cheftestants Richard Blais, Fabio Viviani, Jenn Carroll, Spike Mendelssohn, Grayson Schmitz and Ed Lee will be joining the First Lady on one of her national […]

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Private Social Tweets for Servers

Just seconds ago, Tiffany Derry announced on the Private Social Twitter feed that the restaurant is now officially interviewing servers: @PrivateSocial, Dallas, TX Partners Tiffany Derry, Patrick Halbert, and Andy Austin will be opening Private Social restaurant in the fall of 2011 in the uptown area of Dallas. http://www.privatesocial.com PSA: We are hiring for all […]

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First Takeā€”The Nearly Invisible Social House Supper Pub in Addison

The set-up: When The Social House Supper Pub relocated from Uptown to Addison this summer, they did so with the stated mission of serving regular food to regular people. Sentences such as this fill me with apprehension. While I, too, find foodie elitism tedious, the mission to eradicate it often ends up playing to a […]

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Park Restaurant Sold and Gets a New Bad Name

A few weeks ago, I actually made a phone call and reported the closure of Park Restaurant. Short story shorter: Owner Donald Chick sold the place to Peter Kenny, owner of Capitol Pub. Today, Teresa Gubbins digs deep in the dirt and reveals Mr. Kenny has already come up with new names for both Park […]

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