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Making Dallas Even Better

A Response to Leslie Brenner’s Post About the Truck Yard

Three days ago, the Dallas Morning News’ Leslie Brenner put up a blog post that dissed the new Truck Yard in many ways. She’s taken a beating in the comments, so I thought I would provide a little clarity and review where she got it right, where she might have been a little less than […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Onion Soup in Dallas

She’s lean and mean and fights against the machine. She digs hot, cheesy (not salty) soup during the dogs days of summer. She barks: My husband was transferred to Dallas and we have just moved here. He is originally from France and we love the simple food of France. Our favorite restaurant in LA is […]

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Snippet from Snooty Foodie: The Expansion of Nosh Euro Bistro

Hey y’all, remember the Snooty Foodies? The dashing couple who dine out so much they had to take a break from their blog? Well, they’ve decided to dip their toes back into the blogosphere by sending in a snippet whenever they bloody well feel like it. That’s why we call them snooty. Plus they use […]

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