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Making Dallas Even Better

Society Bakery Sells Whoopie Pies; The WP Trend Is On

Last week, Nancy told us about whoopie pies at Tart Bakery and and Maple & Motor Burgers and Beer. One more, and whoopies were a trend, she said. Well, here’s our third: Society Bakery is selling them, and they brought us some to try. In the box: chocolate mint (gourmet Thin Mint, they say), brown sugar, […]

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Comfort Food In Dallas: What Comforts You

I am getting a little uncomfortable with the direction comfort food is taking. Can I blame it on the Gen Y population? Sure, why not. They don’t read SideDish. Gen Y’ers are more Britney than Julia. While the overall trend in dining today is to eat sloooowly, the Gen Y’ers I know are more content […]

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Not Your Average Bar Food: Pineapple Sushi at Le Bar du Plaza Athenee

I’m sorry I can’t show you some fancier stuff from Plaza Athenee, but nothing is more embarrassing than whipping out your digital camera in Alain Ducasse, even if it’s just breakfast. (Even if I could get a reservation, I certainly couldn’t afford to eat there.) The silver tray of pastries brought tears to my eyes, […]

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Central Market Removes Pistachios From Shelves

Ding, dang. I love pistachios and I am pistachio-ed off at the recent voluntary recall of the salty nuts. Just received word from Aimee Deputy, the shopping sheriff at Central Market: Due to the recent FDA recommendation that consumers should avoid eating pistachio products,  Central Market H-E-B is voluntarily removing any product containing pistachio nuts […]

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DFW Airport to Offer Healthy Dining Options for Frequent Fliers

In the corporate restaurant business, restaurants with hundreds of locations are considered especially heinous. An elite crowd, known as brand creators, attempt to serve healthier cuisine. These are their stories: DFW Airport is about to get a slew of new restaurants for consumers “trending toward healthier eating habits.” 1) Cereality.  A cereal bar and café […]

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