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Making Dallas Even Better

Weather Food and Wine Pairing: McFarland Signature Cuisine in Dallas

Look outside your windows. See that Tiffany blue sky? It’s about to disappear and turn evil. Let’s plan a McFarland Signature Cuisine menu for the weekend.

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5 Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Shops to Help You Cool Down in the Summer Heat

Nothing beats a feathery and fluffy shaved ice (or even a snow cone) to make the summer heat more bearable. But let’s not waste any time waxing poetic about these cold treats. It’s 100-something degrees outside, and all of us are sweating our fannies off. Two intrepid D Magazine interns, Marley Dablo and Hayden Harrison, ran […]

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SideDish Twitter Winner: Rachel Rogers

Congratulations to Rachel Rogers! When she clicked “follow” on SideDish’s Twitter page, she became our 2,500th follower. Here is a little about Rachael: She lives in Waco and her profile says she is a junior in college. Why do we already love her? She says, “According to a fortune cookie, I will become an accomplished […]

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Food Nerd News: Ancient Beer Found in Shipwreck! Let’s Name It!

I’m sure if you’re a beer freak you read the news about the “five bottles of dark, foamy beer” found while divers were salvaging champagne from a19th century shipwreck near Finland’s Aland Islands. The beer is being studied and there are plans to brew the beer. I think we should have a contest to name […]

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