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Making Dallas Even Better

My Five Cents: Presenting the Check With Dessert

Servers who work in a fine dining restaurant have a hard job. Their task is especially difficult if they choose to perform their duties with poise. A seasoned server assesses each table of customers and controls the pace of the meal accordingly. There is not a one-size-fits-all formula for service. Some customers want detailed food […]

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Restaurant Review: Nosh Euro Bistro

I can’t help but feel sorry for independent restaurant owners who can’t depend on their service staff when they are out of the restaurant. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I write about my recent visit to Nosh. When owners Celeste and Avner Samuel are in the house, the service sings smoothly. On […]

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DFW Restaurant Week 2013 Server of the Week: Jason Montemayor From Stampede 66

To close out the season, we’re proud to announce our Server of the Week: Jason Montemayor of Stampede 66. SideDish reader, JT, sends this report. We enjoyed the service at Stampede 66 and Jason. He always had a great smile, was very helpful with any extras that we requested, and was very educated and generous […]

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KRLD Restaurant Week 2012: Server(s) of the Week

Let’s raise our gold-plated Imperial flutes in a toast to server Nick Kotecki and sommelier Clint Day of Bijoux. These two provided stellar service during the madness of KRLD Restaurant Week. The dedicated Disher reports: I have a picture of the server, Nick Kotecki, and the sommelier Clint Day, for you.  We had professional, friendly and […]

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KRLD Restaurant Week 2012 Server of the Week: Peter Hemery of Stephan Pyles

Let’s raise our Baccarat Champagne flutes in a toast to Peter Hemery of Stephan Pyles. Peter is a server who was noted by two SideDish readers for providing stellar service during the madness of KRLD Restaurant Week. One writes: I would like to nominate Peter from Stephan Pyles for RW server of the week.Peter along with management team, […]

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Week Three: 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Server of the Week

The 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week has come to an end but we have one last bit of business. Francisco at The French Room is our server of the week. Thanks to Laurie for submitting Francisco at The French Room’s picture and a small description of his service. He was entertaining in a theatrical way, making […]

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