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Making Dallas Even Better

Photo Recap: Copper River Salmon with Alaskan Brewing Company

It’s Copper River salmon season and that means a couple of things. First of all, Copper River salmon families will be torn apart and tested to their core. The salmon families that inhabit the river will be ripped apart, made destitute, and turn some young, unassuming salmon teenagers to do unspeakable things. It also means […]

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‘Burbalicious: What I Ate in Garland

In conjunction with July’s Best Suburbs issue, I’m traveling to 10 different ‘burbs in the DFW area for a semi-weird cross-city food tour. I’ll be documenting all my finds in these ‘Burbalicious posts that’ll be peppered throughout June and July (and August). If you feel like your suburb deserves a shot at some SideDish love, email me […]

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Lab-Grown Meat? Less Sci-Fi and Far More Relevant to the Texas Economy Than You Might Imagine

I listen to a lot of public radio. A couple months ago, my home girl Terri Gross broadcast an interview on Fresh Air that focused on the logistical and ethical questions at play regarding growing meat from stem cells in a laboratory setting. Before you jump to conclusions about real vs. lab-created meat, science writer […]

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