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Making Dallas Even Better

Eat This Now: The Reuben at Royal Blue Grocery

Aside from the tacos, coffee, flowers and other grab-and-go items at Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village, there is a wonderful treat to be had in the form of a sandwich. Sandwiches are probably the best thing there is, except maybe for the ability to fly or unlimited beer with no hangover. World peace and unchecked prosperity may […]

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Eat This Now: The Snob Sandwich at Grange Hall

Upscale Dallas boutique, Grange Hall is more than a destination for exotic scented candles, Myriam Schaefer leather bags, and Tahitian pearl bracelets. The eclectic shop is also home to a fine dining, lunch-only restaurant. Chef Chad Martin — who’s background includes a stint at the French Room and a decade-long run as executive chef at Hotel St. Germain — is plating playful, and decadent dishes. And the most playful of them all is something called the “Snob Sandwich.”

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A Sneak Peek Inside Dallas Grilled Cheese Company

Mack Simpson has dreamed of opening a restaurant for a decade. Now, his dream has materialized into a cheese-filled reality. Simpson and a team of partners have transformed the old Book Doctor space at 310 W 7th St. into a rustic-chic grilled cheese restaurant, aptly named Dallas Grilled Cheese Company.

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Eat With Your Eyes: North Texas Hot Brown

I ventured over to Trinity Groves this past weekend to photograph newly-opened DiDi’s Tamale Diner. Somewhere between inquiring about their mezcal selection and photographing the most tantalizing torta I’ve ever seen, an insatiable craving for a dark, frothy stout kicked in. Once finished working, I walked over to LUCK, pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a Community Legion Russian Imperial Stout. It’s a seriously delicious beer. Halfway through my glass I realized that it was 1 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten breakfast, so I ordered the most breakfast-y thing on their menu, the North Texas Hot Brown.

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Chef Sandwich: Malai’s Braden Wages

Chefs in Dallas are known for their ability to make Disney magic using simple ingredients, but we wanted to know what, exactly, makes them tick. What sandwich could they eat over and over again? We asked them to make a sandwich and give us the recipe for it. Here, chef and owner of Malai, Braden Wages, shares a banh mi recipe that makes us wish we could be in our kitchen right now. Check out his submission.

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New York Subs Celebrates Four Decades Next to SMU

Remember earlier this month, when I asked all you smart readers of SideDish if there were any Dallas restaurants with a long, stable history?

Dan Koller of People Newspapers gathered the data and went to work. It helped him write this sweet article about New York Subs’ owner Ken Harkness, who has owned the same sub shop in the same spot (next to SMU) for the last 40 years. Incredible.

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Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse in Downtown Plano Has Already Become a Neighborhood Favorite

Downtown Plano is getting quite hip. Gone are the days when stores there used to sell Ty Beanie Babies. Now adorable restaurants and jewelry shops line main street, while happy people stroll about… even when it’s muggy outside. (Saturday weather, you kinda sucked.) Lockhart Smokehouse liked the area so much, it decided to build its […]

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