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High Fives Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant to Open

I drove past the space that used to house the Slip Inn and Glass Boot Biergarten on Sunday. A large, colorful mural of two hands high-fiving caught my eye, so I pulled over. The painting on the side of the wall wasn’t the only indication that work had recently been done to the building, the dining room was gutted, and wooden picnic tables had been painted bright blue — a slight breeze wafted the smell of fresh paint across the patio, so it was clear that the updates were recent.

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A Sneak Peek at Victor Tangos’ New Spring Menu

Last Friday, some friends and I were invited in for a gratis sampling of a series of menu items expertly paired with libations. Plates vary in size, but they’re all meant for sharing so, it’s my recommendation to attend with no less that a party of four in order to allow for an adequate tour across multiple sections of the menu.

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A Sneak Peek at El Bolero in the Dallas Design District

El Bolero is just days away from opening. The gourmet Mexican restaurant from Oak and Pakpao owners, Tiffanee and Richard Ellman, has been under construction for months. Finishing touches are being added (you know, like margaritas machines, lightbulbs and patio furniture) before the doors swing open, which I’m told will be mid next week.

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