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Making Dallas Even Better

Biergarten is Now Open at the Omni Dallas Hotel

“Rein sei die liebe, im herz sei gesund, klar sei der trunk, wahr sei der mund” is painted in bold, uppercase letters near the entrance of Biergarten. “It means: ‘The love is pure, the heart healthy, may the drink be clear, and the mouth truthful,'” restaurateur Joseph Palladino explains. “I went through 500 or 800 [phrases], but when I read this one I thought ‘this is very nice.'”

Palladino, who made a name for himself by means of the Nick and Sam’s empire, is accustomed to managing fine dining establishments. But this is his first beer garden.

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Turn the Tables and Chef Tim Byres Announce All-Star Staff for The Theodore at NorthPark Center

Turn The Tables Hospitality (the folks behind Smoke, Bolsa, Bolsa Mercado, Chicken Scratch, The Foundry, and Spork) has announced that they’re opening The Theodore at NorthPark Center this fall. This morning Chef Tim “Teddy” Byres sends word he’s assembled his cabinet who will speak softly and carry big sticks.

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