Jonn Baudoin is Working on a New Trinity Grove Concept, Sugar Skull Cafe

When Jonn Baudoin and Omar Flores decided to open a little seafood restaurant in Oak Cliff, their partnership, as Todd Johnson describes it, went “swimmingly.” In 2012, Driftwood became an instant hit. And it’s been one of the best restaurants in Dallas ever since.

Now Baudoin has decided to sell his portion of Driftwood’s ownership to co-partner Sal Jafar II.

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Stephan Pyles’ Newest Restaurant, San Salvaje, to Open April 28

If Dallas’ food scene was a monarchy, Stephen Pyles would definitely find his way onto the royal court. Along with once being credited with “almost single-handedly changing the cooking scene in Texas,” he’s known for being the chef-owner of Stephan Pyles Restaurant and Stampede 66. Now, Pyles will use his extensive South American travels as inspiration for his newest concept, San Salvaje.

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To Detect and Serve: The Wild Detectives Brews Excellent Coffee

Now that Matthew McConaughey’s taut, sinewy body is done brain-screwing us with his apathetic, brooding intensity, it’s time to turn our affections to the new detectives in town. The Wild Detectives opened last month inside a small house just east of the Bishop Arts District at 314 West Eighth Street. It’s snuggled in between neighboring houses, and there’s a little Chihuahua next door with a surly attitude towards visitors. He keeps his distance, though.

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Fast-Casual Chain Pollo Tropical Opens First Texas Location in Addison

Pollo Tropical is bringing Caribbean flavors straight to Addison with its first Texas location, which opens today. This Miami founded, fast-casual chain restaurant serves meats, vegetables, spices, and sauces all prepared in-house. With an extensive menu at such an affordable cost, you can pick up, sit-down, or drive through Pollo Tropical for a taste of the tropics.

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The Slip Inn is Moving

The Dallas Observer has just announced that Dallas’ favorite dance floor is closing its doors after years and years at 1806 McMillan Ave.

Nightlife folks first mourned The Loon’s departure from Uptown, and now the same thing is happening with The Slip Inn. Both bars are searching for a new space to house their loyal patrons.

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First Taste: Bite City Grill in Fort Worth Opens Today

Tucked away in Montgomery Plaza at 2600 West Seventh Street—with a view of Chick-fil-A and a wine shop—is chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin’s Bite City Grill. It officially opens to the public today, the first day of spring. While many restaurants have come and gone in this exact location, Bite has a menu that is built to last. Reservations, which people have booked since March 10, have filled up quickly.

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Mesa’s Owner is Building a Seafood Restaurant in the Bishop Arts District

Mesa’s owner Raul Reyes is making waves in Oak Cliff again.

This time, he’s bringing his flair for seafood to the Bishop Arts District with a new restaurant located at the intersection of Davis Street and Woodlawn Avenue, which used to be an auto shop called El Carrizal until a few months ago. He’s going to call his new place, at 451 West Davis Street, Ceviche: Shark on Davis.

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LYFE Kitchen, a Fast Casual Chain with Vegan Fare, is Coming to Dallas

We’ve seen the rise of healthy fast food in Dallas with Start on Greenville Avenue, and the business model is clearly working. That drive-thru line at Erin McKool’s first restaurant is always packed.

Now former president and chief operating officer of McDonald’s Corp., Mike Roberts, is leading the charge for healthy fast food on a nation-wide scale. LYFE (Love Your Food Everyday) Kitchen specializes in good-for-you menu options that don’t have any cream or butter in them. There are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. LYFE Kitchen started in California in 2011, and three North Texas locations are supposed to open this summer.

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In Downtown Dallas, Euro-Style Cafe Strada Offers Coffee and Gelato

On Friday, February 28, Gianpiero Lorenzo and Dave Pedack were merely setting up chairs outside of their new cafe for a Facebook photo, when a flood of people stopped by and started enjoying the first fruits of their labor. Lorenzo, from Naples, and Pedack intended to open their brand-new sidewalk street cafe at 1520 Elm Street, aptly named Cafe Strada, quietly. But clearly that didn’t happen.

“We completely sold out of gelato!” Lorenzo tells me. On the very first day, the Euro-style cafe ran out of 20 gallons of house-made gelato. The pistachio, black cherry, and hazelnut mocha—all gone. Only a little bit of mango sorbet was left.

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