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Making Dallas Even Better

Tristan Simon is Back! His New Company is Launching Multiple Ventures at Victory Park

He popped on the Dallas restaurant scene like a bullet. In 2002 I wrote: Meet restaurateur wunderkid Tristan Simon, the New Age-talking, good-looking owner of Sense and Cuba Libre. He’s got the most powerful people in town eating out of his hand and clamoring to get into Sense, the most exclusive nightclub in town. Then […]

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The Weirdest Things Stolen From Dallas Restaurants

Back in 2013, at the peak of Moscow Mule madness, nationwide reports surfaced about the copper mugs that the cocktail comes served in going missing at a remarkable rate. Now every time I see one of the lustrous vessels behind a bar, my mind wanders: “Who would steal a copper mug?” “Was it a dare?” “Is there an underground tribe of artisan bladesmiths preparing for a Bronze Age revival?”

I started asking Dallas restaurant owners, general managers, and chefs about some of the strangest things that have gone missing from their establishments and was shocked to learn that people will lift just about anything they can get their greedy little hands on. Art, grapefruit, and wallpaper are among some of the weirdest items stolen from Dallas restaurants.

In no particular order, here’s a compilation of the craziest stories I’ve heard.

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Food Delivery Services in Dallas: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

On-demand food delivery services have split the Dallas dining community. Some restaurateurs won’t participate because they can’t control the quality of the food once it leaves their kitchen. Others are happy for a new way to increase sales. But the trend isn’t going away. UberEATS is just getting started, and we hear that Amazon’s food […]

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Former Deep Ellum Café Chef Brian Hennington Returns to Update AllGood Café Menu

Who remembers the glory days of the Deep Ellum Café and chef Brian Hennington? He returned to help buddy Mike Snider upgrade the menu at AllGood Cafe.

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Heaven and Hell Cake Stuck In Purgatory

The careful reader will have noticed that in our April issue’s “Newcomer’s Guide to Dallas,” we listed Stephan Pyles’ Heaven and Hell Cake among four classic Dallas dishes and cited its location as Stampede 66. Should you have dropped everything to hunt down the classic—a layered creation: ethereal angel food cake separated from devil’s food cake […]

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DFW Restaurant Week Star Restaurants 2015 Announced

DFW Restaurant Week just announced its Star Restaurants 2015. In a year in which 130 restaurants served nearly 100,000 meals and raised nearly $740,000, these restaurants raised the most for charity partners North Texas Food Bank (Dallas restaurants) and Lena Pope (Tarrant County restaurants). Twenty percent of the cost of each meal goes to the […]

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