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Making Dallas Even Better

Easy Recipes to Rescue Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, your kitchen is a mess, and the leftovers from your blowout meal are taking up all of the space in your already crammed refrigerator. Don’t panic. These easy recipes will help make your dry, day-old stuffing and stale bread taste new again while clearing some space in the icebox. As for the messy kitchen? Sorry, you’re on your own with that.

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Look What I Made: Ratatouille Polenta Pizza

A friend recently lent me her copy of Home Made Summer. “It’s one of my favorite cook books,” she gushed while turning the pages, filled with alluring photos and luscious recipes. After taking it home with me, I came across a recipe for a large polenate pizza with spicy ratatouille. I like ratatouille, and even though the traditional French dish is normally associated with summer, the warm stew of vegetables makes for a perfect comfort meal come the cooler months. I also like polenta. I’d only ever eaten it as a porridge, so the idea of baking it into a crust was intriguing. I decided to make the dish, except with a few personal tweaks. Here’s the recipe.

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5 Martini Recipes and a Contest from Library Bar

Ready for a martini marathon? Starting Wednesday August 20, the Library is hosting a month-long series with 20 new martinis that will compete for a more permanent spot on the menu. Guests will vote on their favorite cocktails and come up with their own creative names for them as well. There will be 5 martinis […]

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