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Making Dallas Even Better

What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes? Part Two

Tired of Breastaurants? You can now look forward to restaurants named after male body parts. Good times.

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Weather Food and Wine Pairing: McFarland Signature Cuisine in Dallas

Look outside your windows. See that Tiffany blue sky? It’s about to disappear and turn evil. Let’s plan a McFarland Signature Cuisine menu for the weekend.

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Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need? Ctd.

Last night, our food truck reporter, and all-around good guy, George Lewis sent me a link to a story I posted in October 2009. I posed the question:  The inside-the-loop-outside-the-loop foodie argument drives me nuts. There is great food all over this area if you are willing to drive. But if you had one restaurant wish, what […]

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I Am Still Sick of the Word: Foodie

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins posted a funny item yesterday: 12 signs of the new Dallas foodie revolution. Gubbshoe claims “ Dallas has two kinds of foodies”—old and new–and follows her thesis with a list that distinguishes them. Funny stuff. Except for one thing: her use of the term foodie. Wait, make that two: if one is old, they can’t […]

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Angelo’s in Lakewood Closed. Owners Claim Landlord Locked Them Out.

The key business in Dallas is certainly booming. A few weeks ago, Mi Piaci’s North Dallas landlord locked the 23-year old restaurant out of the building. On August 9, Angelo’s Italian Grill, the popular 21-year old restaurant in Lakewood was also locked out. Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins reports the closure was sudden.  She writes As recently […]

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