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Making Dallas Even Better

Tabbedout, a Phone App, Makes Bartenders’ Lives Easier

Rick Orr, co-founder and EVP of Tabbedout, is a smart guy, but it’s not something he shoves in your face when you meet him. At least, that’s not what happened when I first encountered him and his then-fiancée at a little bistro in Austin last summer. When Orr explained the concept of Tabbedout during our […]

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Park Restaurant Sold and Gets a New Bad Name

A few weeks ago, I actually made a phone call and reported the closure of Park Restaurant. Short story shorter: Owner Donald Chick sold the place to Peter Kenny, owner of Capitol Pub. Today, Teresa Gubbins digs deep in the dirt and reveals Mr. Kenny has already come up with new names for both Park […]

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Dallas Chef Pal Steven Doyle Quits Dallas Observer

Steven “Dallas Dude” Doyle stunned the foodie world today by posting this shocking news on his FB page: I resigned from The Dallas Observer and now full time at the Critic’s Guide that will premiere Monday morning. The Critic’s Guide is the brainchild of Dave Faries, another dude who quit the Observer. Faries and Doyle […]

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Shannon Wynne Will Open New Restaurant In Dallas: The Moth

Veteran Dallas restaurateur Shannon Wynne has signed a lease on the “old Ann Sachs tile space” in the Design District (High Line & Oak Lawn) and will open a restaurant/bar called The Moth. Veteran is a nice way to describe Mr. Wynne, in reality he is a crafty, no-bs geezer. Ask him a question and […]

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