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Taste Test Thursday: Dallas Delivery Pizza

I once watched a Freaky Eaters episode of a 20-something man addicted to pizza. Bread, cheese, and tomato sauce was all he’d eat. No veggies, no nothing. His health suffered, his personal life went down the drain, and he was throwing up some weird gunk every morning.

I finished watching that episode and wanted to eat pizza immediately.
Here’s the thing: You can’t hate pizza. There are all sorts of pizzas, so it’s impossible to dislike. Hate Cane Rosso’s? Go to Zoli’s. Want to dine in? No. Fine. Do take out. Or better yet, sit on your couch and watch the Mavs lose by one point and drop to the eighth seed, while you order a 16-incher and swallow your woes with gobfuls of cheese.

That’s the way we do it here in the Big D. We order for delivery.

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10 New Fort Worth Restaurants You Need to Visit Right Now

Fort Worth is stepping up their game with hot new restaurants. Every week, this city is exploding with more and more dining options. Good. Now you’ve got an excuse to break your restaurant habit and try something new. Go fire up your engine and visit these 10 restaurants, listed from newest to oldest.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Flavor! Napa Valley Next Year

Let’s be real, now. There’s no better place for a serious getaway trip than Wine Country. Napa may be a small, touristy town, but it’s one of those rare parts of the world where time stops and people start aging backwards. I’m quite serious. The trees and leaves turn orange-yellow-red when it’s fall, there’s a […]

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Dallas Restaurants: What Do We Need? Ctd.

Last night, our food truck reporter, and all-around good guy, George Lewis sent me a link to a story I posted in October 2009. I posed the question:  The inside-the-loop-outside-the-loop foodie argument drives me nuts. There is great food all over this area if you are willing to drive. But if you had one restaurant wish, what […]

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Taverna Rossa Brings Thin-Crust Pizzas to Plano. The Fun Starts Tomorrow.

Brian Luscher of The Grape not only runs his own restaurant, sometimes he consults, too. Yay for no free time! Taverna Rossa, one of his newest consulting projects, opens tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 11) for lunch and dinner. The specialty here are the thin-crust pizzas baked in a stone-fired oven. But if that doesn’t float your […]

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Al’s Pizzeria Returns to Village at Bachman Lake in Dallas

I hope my former neighbors in Midway Hollow (“A Treasure to Keep”) will rejoice in the news: Al’s Pizzeria is re-opening. Look out, Jay Jerrier, Al’s Pizzeria, is known for its authentic New York-style pizza and could cause Zoli’s to shed a few unicorn tears. Owner Medo Pjetrovic has leased a 1,785 square-foot space in a new […]

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Eat This Now: Filet Mignon Pizza at Battuto Italian Kitchen in North Dallas

The other night I popped into Battuto Italian Kitchen in North Dallas. This casual restaurant is owned by radio personalities Gene & Julie Gates. The menu boasts handmade pastas, pizzas, clean vegetable puree soups, and fresh seafood and Italian specialites. They are devoted to  fresh, local, and seasonal products and offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. […]

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Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern Opens Today. 5 Things You Should Know Before You Go.

Today’s the day, Zoli’s fans. Hot grandmas are coming to town at 5 p.m. (If you think hot grandmas are actually people, you clearly aren’t one of the 1,439 folks who like the Facebook page for Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern.) Back in February, we told you that Jay Jerrier was opening a pizza place for “people […]

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Into Shelley’s Belly: the 5 Best Pizzas From Non-Pizza Joints

Here’s the deal. You’re moving to a private island with Kathy Ireland, Zac Efron, a couple miniature horses and a chef who can only cook one thing. What’s it going to be? Well, obviously, as you probably know from the title of this post, it’s pizza. It’s an ubiquitous people pleaser. For centuries it has […]

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