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Making Dallas Even Better

People We Love: Battuto’s Gene and Julie Gates

You know Gene and Julie Gates. Or, at least, you’ve heard them. They’re the husband-and-wife team that used to be the glorious morning voices of 103.7 Lite FM. Now they’ve switched careers and jumped into the restaurant world by opening Battuto, a family friendly Italian restaurant in North Dallas. (“Battuto,” says Gene, “is the base […]

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The Most Underrated Restaurant in Dallas: Canary By Gorji

I’ll be quick and to the point: Canary By Gorji is the most underrated restaurant in Dallas. Every time I eat there I am seduced by the creative cooking and I fall in love with Chef Mansour Gorji. I took my family to Canary By Gorji  for dinner last night and we had a comfortable, […]

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Restaurant 101: What to do if Your Employer Doesn’t Provide Paycheck Stubs

Yesterday, I posted the news that Michael Costa of The Office Grill filed for bankruptcy. In the comments section, one of Costa’s former employees asked a great question. Anybody have some suggestions for the former employees when it comes tax time? We never received check stubs or info on the taxes taken out of them, […]

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Toddlers and Toques: Should Fine Dining Restaurants in Dallas Ban Children?

Lots of chinwagging taking place in the webosphere. Fine dining restaurants, such as this place in Pennsylvania, are banning children under six years of age. I tend to dine early and have witnessed children who squeal and squirm while their parents sip wine and attempt to enjoy a fine meal. I believe it is a […]

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Random Post: Red-Tailed Hawk Eats Critter

Ann Althouse is a law professor in Dearborn, Michigan. She writes a blog about politics and law. Yesterday a bird-watching Disher  sent me a link to to her website. It’s a pretty amazing piece of video.  A friend of Ann’s, armed with a video camera, spent a great deal of time filming a red-tailed hawk […]

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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Quiet, Intimate Restaurant on Saturday Night

Tall order from a short reader: I’ve been traveling for work quite a bit lately, and I want to take my wife to dinner on Saturday night.  I’d like for it to be nice, but more importantly it needs to be intimate.  We need to be able to have a quiet conversation and enjoy each other’s […]

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