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Taste Test Thursday: Olive Oil

I don’t know how civilization would survive without olive oil.

I know I can’t.

Olive oil, at its very base, gives food a sweet fragrance. You can dip plain pieces of bread in it and call it a day. In fact, that’s how we did this taste test. I brought Tuscan bread, people dipped, and we had ourselves a little afternoon feast.

As part of my olive oil criteria, I only picked olive oils that are good for everyday use. None of these are your fancy, you-can-only-buy-it-online kind. You can most definitely find them at Central Market or Whole Foods.

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Start Restaurant Hopes to Open Second Location in Oak Lawn

Erin McKool, co-owner of Start Restaurant, is planning to open a second location of Start, the healthy fast food restaurant she opened on Greenville Avenue in August 2012. She’s found a location (4023 Lemmon Avenue between Knight and Throckmorton) which is now a vacant lot just beyond My Fit Foods (the old car has been […]

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Eat This Now: Raspberry Chia Mousse From Gina’s Organic Kitchen

Last week, at a come-and-go tasting lunch hosted by the recently launched Gina’s Organic Kitchen, I fell head-over-heels in love with this raspberry chia mousse. One bite and I was a goner. Gina Villalobos, the Organic Health Queen, whipped together this dessert made from chia seeds, coconut milk, raspberries, and dark agave nectar. It’s dairy-free, amazingly […]

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Arlingtonites, Get Excited for the New Urban Acres Farm Stand in Your City

We love Urban Acres, a local organic market that focuses on supporting Texas farm families, so we couldn’t wait to announce its new partnership with Potager Cafe and the UTA Office of Sustainability. Starting March 23, Urban Acres will open a co-op style produce farm at Potager’s “Other Stuff” Store on 208 S. Mesquite Street (Arlington) […]

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Restaurant Review: The Company Cafe in Dallas

Dining out was once so simple. You sat down in a restaurant, ordered whatever sounded good, ate it, and went on with your life. Now you need an advanced degree in epidemiology before you’re qualified to choose an entrée. Every day, we get bombarded with health warnings about food: too much added sugar will kill […]

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How to Identify Genetically Modified Food at the Grocery Store

A loyal Disher (h/t DG) sends  a link to a recent newsletter by Dr. Dirt. His parents know him as Howard Garrett, the multi-media writer/talker of all things growing. Anywhoo, Dr. Dirt has a quick guide to identifying genetically modified food in the grocery store. So if you’d like a little less Monsanto in your […]

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Vitality House Cafe Opens in Richardson With Flavorful Menu and Full-Time Nutritionist

My husband and I battle for the title of Biggest Loser in our house; our respective weights fluctuating by 10 percent on a monthly basis (this month, he’s ahead, or behind depending on how you look at it). To be honest, we’d be happy for some steadiness, but as we all know, end-of-school-year stress, travel, […]

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Special Report: Urban Acres in Oak Cliff

Patrick Kennedy files a story about Urban Acres in the March issue of D Magazine. It’s an in-depth look at former-chef-turned-thoughtful grocer Steven Bailey and his venture Urban Acres. Here’s a snippet of Kennedy’s story: Urban Acres’ recipe is one part hands-on learning experience and two parts community involvement, further distinguishing it from the impersonal […]

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What I’m Drinking Now: Sustainable and Organic

The organic, sustainable, biodynamic, eco-friendly, save the earth trend is something we are seeing a lot of, and personally, I am a fan.  Though I don’t have (or honestly want) a wind turbine in my back yard, I wish I had solar panels on my roof.  It is encouraging to see more and more farmers embracing […]

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