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Making Dallas Even Better

This Little Piggy Went Downtown

We’re suckers for any press release that contains the following sentences: Yes, this is really real. Don’t you judge us; we all knew it would end up here someday. And yeah, your right we probably did go too far this time. Sorry, Mom. It seems a couple well-intentioned entrepreneurs have teamed up with J&D’s Foods […]

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What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes

‘Scuse me while I saddle up my high horse. Am I the only woman who is concerned about the sudden surge in Breastaurants. I mean really 35 additional Twin Peaks? A bar opening in downtown called The Spread Eagle? Seriously boys? How would you like to take your daughter into one of the restaurant’s the […]

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Attack of the Heart Attack Grill in Dallas

Ladies and gentlemen, and I use the terms loosely, it is officially raining burgers in Dallas. The latest twist on ground beef between two buns is Heart Attack Grill from Phoenix. I would have thought yesterday’s press release a joke if I hadn’t passed the original location in Phoenix a couple of years ago. Their […]

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Dallas Chef Pal Steven Doyle Quits Dallas Observer

Steven “Dallas Dude” Doyle stunned the foodie world today by posting this shocking news on his FB page: I resigned from The Dallas Observer and now full time at the Critic’s Guide that will premiere Monday morning. The Critic’s Guide is the brainchild of Dave Faries, another dude who quit the Observer. Faries and Doyle […]

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Stocking the Cupboard at the State Fair Food & Fiber Pavillion

Disclaimer: Let me preface the following by saying that I was raised by Pennsylvania Dutch parents, which explains a lot about what I’m about to say: When I was growing up, the list of what my parents “didn’t believe in” (mayonnaise, private cars, food made by strangers, and tuna from a can) was almost as long as the […]

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