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Making Dallas Even Better

Teiichi Sakurai Will Open a Fresh Fish Market at Sylvan | Thirty

Nancy’s about to quit SideDish. She just wrote me an email that’s too funny not to post. “HOLY S@#$. HOLY S@#$  Save me a space I’m coming to work at S30 HOLY S@#$.” It’s true. I’m fixin’ to move to West Dallas too. Teiichi “Teach” Sakurai is not only about to celebrate the four-year anniversary of […]

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Who Eats Alone Anymore?

Observer’s Scott Reitz named his five favorite places to eat alone in this week’s print edition. Local, Mesa, Bolsa, Yutaka, and Taco Stop made the Lonely List, but who actually ventures out to a restaurant by themselves these days? Anyone who does is either a sketchy guy picking up chicks or glued to their iPhone 4s […]

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Taco Review: Moto Taco in Dallas Provides Cubicle Cuisine

Yesterday I mentioned Moto Taco, a new breakfast and lunch taco delivery operation. We placed an order and Mac, who calls himself the Chief Taco Jockey, showed up with tacos. After his arrival was announced over the intercom, Mac was surrounded by 30 hungry workers. I felt bad for him. He was obviously overwhelmed at […]

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