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Making Dallas Even Better

Peak & Elm Cocina and Bar Hosts a Preview Tasting

The incredibly charming, precious, kind, devoted, and talented owner/chef of Peak & Elm Cocina and Bar, Jesse Moreno,  hosted a small gathering to preview some of their gourmet offerings on Friday evening. Peak & Elm Cocina is the family owned Mexican restaurant that has taken an old trolley street car stop and converted it into […]

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Not To Be Annoying, But Have You Planned For Thanksgiving Yet?

If you’re cooking, check out these recipes: Happy Hostess’ Thanksgiving menu has recipes included in a downloadable pdf. (I’m planning to make her sweet potato gratin with garlic and rosemary myself.) Also, check out Travis’ amazing green beans with bacon crumbles and fresh mushrooms. He makes it look so easy. If you’re not cooking, take […]

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2012 Thanksgiving Central: Where to Pre-Order a Turkey and Where to Dine in Dallas

Thanksgiving is a high blood pressure holiday. Not only do people expect a pretty good meal on the table, but there’s that uncle who – every year, without fail – asks why you’re not making enough money. You don’t have time to make a Martha Stewart-perfect Thanksgiving dinner. You work. You have three kids and […]

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If You’re Not Cooking, You’d Better Get Booking

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: procrastination (while cool and an incredibly effective use of time) is a runinator of the third magnitude (magnitudes one and two are things like interruptions in cable service and untimely name mix-ups, respectively, which, while sucky, don’t suck nearly as much as putting on […]

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Studs Terkel Was My Homeboy—Or What’s On the Menu For Your Labor Day Cookout?

After staring into my fridge for the umpteenth time this week and exclaiming out loud to anyone within earshot, “Who lives here, and why don’t they buy any food??” I’ve realized that it’s time to actually go to the grocery store. And with the long Labor Day weekend ahead of us (I vaguely remember offering […]

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Brews News: Lips of Faith Pairing Dinner With Beer Expert Lauren Salazar at Meddlesome Moth

On Monday, Sept. 12 at 6 pm, Lauren Salazar, sensory specialist and educator for New Belgium Brewery, will be at Meddlesome Moth for a night of rare beers, delicious food pairings, and entertaining discourse on New Belgium’s rare Lips of Faith series of ales. Lauren has been with New Belgium for close to 15 years […]

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