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Making Dallas Even Better

What Would Happen if Women Opened Restaurants With Male Body Parts as Themes? Part Two

Tired of Breastaurants? You can now look forward to restaurants named after male body parts. Good times.

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Chef Sharon Hage Serves Songbird Supper at Trinity River Audubon Center

Last night, 210 people were seated at a long community table that serpentined through the grassland outside of the Trinity River Audubon Center. The occasion was the Songbird Supper fundraiser for the TRAC. They use the proceeds from the event to fund their extensive educational programs that introduce more than 20,000 students a year to the wonders of nature.

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Food Politics: Farm-to-Table Caucus Dinner at Dallas Farmers Market

Last Thursday, the Dallas Farmer’s Market played host to the city’s first Farm-to-Table Caucus Dinner. Texas House representatives from opposites sides of the aisle spearheaded the event to support local farmers and ranchers throughout the state.

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Snarky Dallas and Fort Worth Food News Briefs

Welcome to Snarky Dallas and Fort Worth Food News Briefs. Lots of news with an attitude.

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Jasper’s Revamps Classic Menu After 11 Years

One of the most recognizable, genuine and approachable celebrity chefs in all of Texas, Kent Rathbun, recently decided to revamp his legendary menu at Jasper’s into one that satisfies loyal patrons, but exemplifies maturation, much in the way the restaurant has since its debut over a decade ago.

While many items on the new menu pay homage to the familiar, each offering is one that will drive every classicist forward, into a place that carefully allows for experimentation while opening the mind and expanding the palate.

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Matt McCallister of FT33 is a Whisky Man

For months I’ve semi-religiously stalked Instagram photos posted by FT33’s executive chef Matt McCallister, confident that they represent the sincerest form of culinary artistry that I’ve witnessed in Dallas. The portfolio is filled with images depicting early morning forage expeditions for oyster mushrooms, gastronomic kitchen toys, butchered Berkshire hogs, and plated works of art. Now he’s won Food & Wine’s 2014 title as the Southwest Region’s best new chef, again.

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Working the Line: Family Meal

At a dinner service last week, some of our regulars asked me where I like to dine when I’m not at work. I’m pretty much a fast-food gal on most nights. Even though I do love cooking and putting together beautiful plates at work, the last thing I want to do is cook when I get home. The regulars continued to name off a slew of top-rated restaurants in DFW.

…I haven’t been to any of them.

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St. Paddy’s Day is Over, But the Memory of Cook Hall’s Irish Beer Dinner Lives On

The Emerald Isle isn’t historically known for its culinary prowess, but rather a land blessed with bounties of cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, all of which are traditionally prepared with minimal transformation. Before we move on, let’s address a couple of things for those that don’t know me personally: Yours truly is a proud ginger who happens to appreciate cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, and does not relish, nor require, unnecessary fiddling with quality ingredients! Okay. Now that we’re friends (and that you trust my judgment), I feel that I can assuredly state that I sincerely enjoyed the authentic Irish pairings offered at Cook Halls’ pre-Paddy’s Day beer dinner last Friday.

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Veuve Clicquot’s Pairing Dinner at Bistro 31 Hits a Home Run

Hailing from Reims, France since 1772, Veuve Clicquot is a name that Dallas has recognized and respected for generations. Featured at weddings, college graduations and debutante balls, Veuve is a brand that is aristocratic, yet approachable. Veuve’s Champagnes are there in times of celebration, but also readily available when your Monday goes bust. A sparkling for all seasons, they serve as a true companion reminding one that summer isn’t so unbearably hot, and also that winter isn’t insufferably long.

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Cheap Eats: 4 Affordable Dishes at Tei-An

I’ve been on a Tei-An kick lately. As the weather keeps getting colder/crazier, it makes sense to pop in and drink a hot, steaming bowl of soup layered with handmade soba. Just thinking about it makes my stomach feel all warm and fuzzy. I can feel my sinuses clearing.

Tei-An’s fine dining, Zen-of-an-atmosphere can give off a I’m-too-expensive-for-you attitude. Matt Shelley never walked into Tei-An until three weeks ago, thinking it was out of his price range. He’s been working in the Arts District for the last five years, too. After he discovered the $10 bowl of tonkotsu ramen, he’s been hooked ever since. That man has had Tei-An three times already.

Teiichi “Teach” Sakurai’s noodle heaven is amazingly affordable, contrary to popular belief. It’s easy to go in, order a dish for less than $10, and leave wallet-happy. It’s true. I’ve scrutizined the menu, backwards and forwards. Here are four dishes to prove it.

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Dallas’ First Lionfish Dinner

Lionfish, an exotic native of the Pacific Rim boasting bright scales and long protruding spines, became a popular trophy pet during the 1980’s in the aquariums of the Western affluent. Sadly, to the horror of their new owners, it became readily apparent that lionfish are inhospitable neighbors with voracious appetites. After ravishing any and all cohabitants, many were re-introduced to a “natural habitat” (read: Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico).  This quick fix did not come without consequences as the absence of their natural predators in the South Pacific led to unchecked growth, which currently threatens the existence of many native Atlantic species. Solution? Eat them. Fortunately, the present concern happens to be a very, very tasty one.

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Where to Book Valentine’s Day Dinner in Dallas 2014

Alright. It’s that time of the year again—when flowers, hearts, chocolates, and all that other ooey-gooey stuff that grinches like me try to pretend don’t exist. But it does.

So, without further ado, I’m presenting you the list of places to book your V-Day dinner. More menus will flood my inbox soon, so fret not. You’ll have plenty of options within the next two weeks. Start booking those places now, though. I hear The Mansion is already almost full. Dang. Better get on it. Lock it down, boys. Lock it down.

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Mark Your Calendar: FT33’s Guest Chef Lineup for 2014

Matt McCallister has a super celebrity chef-studded lineup planned for FT33. All the dinners are eight-courses with optional wine pairings. They’re undoubtedly fun and take place on the third Monday of each month. It’s $110 per person, as well. Check out the list. Then prepare yourself to drop a few greens. For reservations, call 214.741.2629.

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Where to Dine on New Year’s Eve and Day in Dallas

As 2013 quickly escapes from us, it’s time to start thinking about 2014.

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better meals, then start with this list down below. We’ve gathered restaurant menus, prices, and all those other goodies for your 2014 celebration. Ring in the new year with a fantastic dinner before you go into full-throttle work-out mode.

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Ser’s ‘Veuve With a View’ Dinner Inspired This Love Post

The media invite came across my inbox like a swift kick from Frank Dux himself. Jean-Claude Van Damme in Dallas? For a special Ser dinner?

For a man who’s had his up and downs yet still managed to maintain a body crafted to perfection with legs engineered to defy the laws of physics, I thought only briefly of how it seemed strange that he would host a dinner in Dallas with tickets being a measly $169 per person. How can the king of kicks be so modest about his impact on our culture, so much so that it’s almost safe to add it up to a double impact? Being such a hard target, I dropped my sewing kit and rushed out to Ser to embark on what I was certain would be the journey of a lifetime. Well, piss in my Wheaties, it turns out that it’s actually just a dinner featuring the other, and almost as famous, Le Grande Dame from Vueve Clicquot. Everyone knows the flagship yellow bottle from Vueve Clicquot and its power in granting men powers over women that often lead to broken hearts, so it was safe to say this could be a good night.

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Tomorrow’s Le Grande Dame Dinner is Going to Be a Decadent Affair

Not every pretty couple can afford a five-course-$169-dinner (per person), but sometimes you just gotta splurge a little. Live life on the expensive side.

Check out this menu that happening over at Ser tomorrow. Reception begins at 6:30, dinner begins at 7, and you should probably RSVP by the end of today. Call (214) 761-7470 if this tickles your fancy.

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Belly & Trumpet Explores the Pacific Northwest With an Unforgettable Dinner Experience

Over the last decade, Portland, Oregon has established its presence amongst eaters, embracing the “farm-to-fork” movement, where utilizing local, in-season and ethically produced ingredients is a requisite.  After spending eight years in Portland’s demanding culinary climate, chef Brian Zenner elected to return to Texas. Do not be mistaken. This has been cause for the people […]

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Eat Dinner, Help the Texas Honeybee Guild. It’s a Win-Win.

Chefs Matt McCallister, Graham Dodds, Tim Bevins, and John Mercer are dedicating their time and efforts to a blow-out fundraising dinner this Sunday for the Texas Honeybee Guild. It’s all going down from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Casa Stellina on Main Street. Chances are the food is going to be top-notch. If you […]

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