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Making Dallas Even Better

Tom Spicer Sells His Crops From New Digs Next to Garden Cafe

There are gardeners and there are those who truly understand agriculture. Tom Spicer has been an agricultural force in this area for over 30 years. Most people know him as that wacky guy tending the garden behind the shoddy building on Fitzhugh next to Urbano and Jimmy’s. After losing his space on Fitzhugh, he’s selling out of the Garden Cafe.

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Food Politics: Farm-to-Table Caucus Dinner at Dallas Farmers Market

Last Thursday, the Dallas Farmer’s Market played host to the city’s first Farm-to-Table Caucus Dinner. Texas House representatives from opposites sides of the aisle spearheaded the event to support local farmers and ranchers throughout the state.

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Jasper’s Revamps Classic Menu After 11 Years

One of the most recognizable, genuine and approachable celebrity chefs in all of Texas, Kent Rathbun, recently decided to revamp his legendary menu at Jasper’s into one that satisfies loyal patrons, but exemplifies maturation, much in the way the restaurant has since its debut over a decade ago.

While many items on the new menu pay homage to the familiar, each offering is one that will drive every classicist forward, into a place that carefully allows for experimentation while opening the mind and expanding the palate.

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Stephan Pyles’ Newest Restaurant, San Salvaje, to Open April 28

If Dallas’ food scene was a monarchy, Stephen Pyles would definitely find his way onto the royal court. Along with once being credited with “almost single-handedly changing the cooking scene in Texas,” he’s known for being the chef-owner of Stephan Pyles Restaurant and Stampede 66. Now, Pyles will use his extensive South American travels as inspiration for his newest concept, San Salvaje.

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St. Paddy’s Day is Over, But the Memory of Cook Hall’s Irish Beer Dinner Lives On

The Emerald Isle isn’t historically known for its culinary prowess, but rather a land blessed with bounties of cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, all of which are traditionally prepared with minimal transformation. Before we move on, let’s address a couple of things for those that don’t know me personally: Yours truly is a proud ginger who happens to appreciate cabbage, potatoes, carrots and corned beef, and does not relish, nor require, unnecessary fiddling with quality ingredients! Okay. Now that we’re friends (and that you trust my judgment), I feel that I can assuredly state that I sincerely enjoyed the authentic Irish pairings offered at Cook Halls’ pre-Paddy’s Day beer dinner last Friday.

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Where to Dine on New Year’s Eve and Day in Dallas

As 2013 quickly escapes from us, it’s time to start thinking about 2014.

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better meals, then start with this list down below. We’ve gathered restaurant menus, prices, and all those other goodies for your 2014 celebration. Ring in the new year with a fantastic dinner before you go into full-throttle work-out mode.

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Thanksgiving Stuffing: 7 Mini Reviews of Dallas’ Dressing Situation

To say I love stuffing is to be polite in front of strangers. My infatuation with stuffing (or “dressing” if you’re fancy) runs deeper than allegiances to blood or country. I know what you’re probably thinking: “Yeah right, Jake. A side that consists of bread crumbs, onion, celery, salt, pepper, and other spices is so […]

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A Day in Denton: Breakfast and Lunch (Part I)

It’s a little crazy how close Denton is from Dallas. But 40 miles somehow translates into a million light years away. If we’re honest with ourselves, Denton really deserves more from all you I-don’t-venture-above-635-people. This artsy college town has transformed from a No Man’s Land to a thriving food scene in the last 13 years. […]

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Book Your Thanksgiving Reservations and Order That Turkey.

Thanksgiving is 10 days away. That’s scary. After Thanksgiving, there’s only Christmas to look forward to, then New Year’s, and then it’s all over. The holiday season is done. No more candy canes, no more cookies with red and green icing. Time to hyperventilate a little. Or, if you’re like me, pretend life is wonderful […]

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Belly & Trumpet Explores the Pacific Northwest With an Unforgettable Dinner Experience

Over the last decade, Portland, Oregon has established its presence amongst eaters, embracing the “farm-to-fork” movement, where utilizing local, in-season and ethically produced ingredients is a requisite.  After spending eight years in Portland’s demanding culinary climate, chef Brian Zenner elected to return to Texas. Do not be mistaken. This has been cause for the people […]

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Eat Dinner, Help the Texas Honeybee Guild. It’s a Win-Win.

Chefs Matt McCallister, Graham Dodds, Tim Bevins, and John Mercer are dedicating their time and efforts to a blow-out fundraising dinner this Sunday for the Texas Honeybee Guild. It’s all going down from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Casa Stellina on Main Street. Chances are the food is going to be top-notch. If you […]

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