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SideDish Contest: Pick the Best Server During Restaurant Week

Folks, just a reminder to send in your nominations (complete name with a photo if you can) of a server who performed above the call of duty. E-mail details of your experience to me (  Winner of Best Server of Restaurant Week Number One will be announced on Monday morning. Go. Eat. Report.

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KRLD Restaurant Week: Are Reservations Down This Year?

I just went through and searched around to get a feel for how reservations are lining up for KRLD Restaurant Week 2010. What I did find isn’t pretty. This week looks fairly good for big guns like Abacus, Stephan Pyles, Five Sixty, Al Biernat’s, Craft, and Charlie Palmer. However, I could get a table […]

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KRLD Restaurant Week: Good Servers and Bad Customers

Yesterday I asked RW diners to send in the names of servers who performed above the call of duty. Now I’m getting emails from servers who would like a forum to discuss their customers. So, here is your own mini-Bitterwaitress space, dear server. Go. The audience is listening.  If you’re really good, I’ll start a […]

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KRLD Restaurant Week: Get Ready to Eat and Report

This guy is kinda creepy. Many restaurateurs welcome the throngs. Others not so much. In the current issue of D Magazine, we take a look at the inter-workings of KRLD Restaurant Week.  Freelance writer, Carol Marie Cropper, spent many hours talking with the lovers and the haters of KRLD Restaurant Week. She examines the economics […]

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