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Making Dallas Even Better

Season of the Switch: Apheleia Restaurant Group and John Tesar to Open Italian Restaurant Called Gravy 51° and Other Chef News

Chefs and kitchen staff in Dallas are hopping around like troops of wild red kangaroos across the Blackland Prairie. John Tesar and partners Richard and Tiffanee Ellman announce a new Italian restaurant called Gravy 51°.

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DRG to Open Oven and Cellar Downtown. Chef Kelly Hightower Rejoins Company

Mike Hoque, CEO of DRG Concepts, is on fire. Chop House Burger just opened a second location Euless and others are planned for Fort Worth and Southlake. A second Wild Salsa will debut in Fort Worth in January 2015. If that is not enough, DRG is jumping into the Italian food business.

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Dining for Dummies: Italian Edition

I don’t like tomato sauce. Not that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel much better. Yes, that means I don’t like traditional, red sauce pizza, spaghetti with tomato sauce, or lasagna. You can imagine what a minefield dining at Italian restaurants is, then. The menus are always terrifying. Even if you, like most normal people, like tomato sauce, Italian menus still can be daunting. Let’s fix that.

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‘Burbalicious: Dolce Cafe Bakery in Flower Mound

I say this with love: Flower Mound is a desert when it comes to good food. Very few non-chain restaurants are able to survive and thrive in this northern suburb, and places like Empress of China are your best bet along Justin Road. Lunchtime options, if you’re not into Subway and Chick-fil-A, are basically nonexistent. It’s a little sad.

But now, hope comes in the form of Dolce Cafe Bakery at 1913 Justin Road. When the small, independently owned place opened next to the Village Church, it came as a real shock. Here was a restaurant so different from all the other surrounding joints, it didn’t make sense. But then again, it did. Flower Mound people were starved for something cool, and after December 9, Dolce’s first day, they started trickling into this Italian bakery and restaurant, eager to try something new. Word spread quickly about the tasty house-made artisan breads, savory scones, and coffee.

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Italian Restaurant, Bocce’s, to Open Inside the Bishop Arts District Mid-February

David Rice, a man who’s been working in the restaurant business for 15 years, has always fantasized having his own Italian restaurant with an indoor bocce court.

“At our family gatherings, we always ended up playing bocce,” says Rice. “To me it means, friends, family, and tradition.”

His dream of having a bocce team comprised of staff and customers is bound to become a reality; but for now, the bocce court idea is still a work-in-progress. Rice is still waiting for circumstances to pan out before that portion of the plan is realized. Meanwhile, Rice and his mom, Donna, have the Italian food part down.

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Eat This Now: Scrambled Eggs With White Truffles at Nonna

I apologize for the poor picture of chef Julian Barsotti’s delicious soft scrambled eggs served on fonduta valdostana and topped with white truffles. It wasn’t much to look at and the texture resembled baby food, but the earthy, buttery, and nutty combination of flavors left me feeling giddy. Please call ahead to make sure it is […]

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Restaurant Review: Battuto Italian Kitchen in North Dallas

The northwest corner of Frankford and Preston Road just got a little snazzier. In the space that recently housed Grover’s Grill & Bar, there now stands Battuto Italian Kitchen, a sleek Italian-American restaurant owned and operated by former radio personalities Julie and Gene Gates. They are more than just window dressing: the couple is hands-on […]

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Restaurant Review: Carbone’s Fine Food & Wine in Dallas

Julian Barsotti’s decision to open Carbone’s was inspired by his great-grandfather, Angelo Pasquale “James” Carbone, who was born in Naples and immigrated to the United States in 1898 when he was 8 years old. In the late 1920s, Carbone was a waiter at Gallagher’s Steakhouse, in Manhattan, the restaurant and speakeasy frequented by gamblers, show […]

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Mi Piaci to Replace Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails in Park Cities

The road to Ocho-geddon has been paved for quite some time. At first, its food wasn’t impressive. Next, the owners recruited veteran chef Joel Harloff to change the menu. That still didn’t work. Nancy reported in early June that Ocho closed for renovation and remodeling. She also said, “‘If I was a betting man, and I’m […]

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Scott Jones Entertains the Idea of Opening Cafe Italia in Dallas Again

Scott Jones is a busy man. First and foremost – as the owner of Jack’s Southern Comfort – he’s been looking for a new spot that’ll solve the bad parking situation his restaurant is facing on lower Greenville. His priority is to get Jack’s reestablished in a better location. “We’re negotiating a couple different spots right […]

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Chef Rino Brigliadori,Sr. Passed Away

Yesterday, I was writing  about Italian food for the magazine and my mind wondered back to Modo Mio, the restaurant that opened on Frankford and the Tollway in 1997. The chef was Rino Brigliadori. I can still remember a gnocchi dish, his tiramisu, and a lovely frozen peach he filled with house-made peach gelato. I […]

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Jimmy’s Food Store Presents: Guido and Gorji

Jimmy’s Food Store has put together a fun evening filled with fine wine and food. From Italy: Guido Folonari, heir to one of the most historic wine families in Italy, and his “three killer B’s” (Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, and a blend that represents perfection from the prestigious Bolgheri vineyard in Tuscany). From Dallas: Chef […]

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Phil Romano sues Hofmann Hots CEO Frank Zaccanelli For Misuse of Funds

Really?  Holy cow.  I just flipped over to EaterDallas and saw the headline: Hofmann’s CEO Gets Sued for Using Company Money as His Personal Slush Fund. Frank, I know you’re a tough guy but, dude, you don’t ever want to piss off Phil Romano. (Right Dotty?) Especially on his home court of Trinity Groves. Allegedly, Zaccanelli […]

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