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Making Dallas Even Better

Louise Owens Talks Craft Cocktails, Toast Points, and 10 Years Behind the Bar at the Windmill Lounge

I was greeted by a booming “Hey!” as I yanked open the freshly painted red door to the Windmill Lounge on Wednesday afternoon. I couldn’t see the face behind the voice (my eyes were adjusting from the bright glare of the sun to the dimly lit bar) but I knew that it belonged to Louise Owens. “You want a drink?” she asked as I approached the bar. I hesitated, but only briefly. I was, after all, in one of the best cocktail dens in Dallas.

She mixed me her namesake drink, The Louise: vodka, orange juice, strawberry nectar, ginger, and mint syrup topped off with sparkling wine. Seemed fitting at the time. We took a seat at a table in the back corner as Billie Holiday serenaded us from the jukebox.

She and her now ex-husband Charlie Papaceno opened the Windmill Lounge in 2005. Charlie has since parted ways to open a business of his own, but you can find Louise mixing drinks at the Maple Avenue dive on any given day of the week. “There’s nothing in here without a story” she explained as she glanced around “from the toast points to the curtains.”

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Meet the Founders of Hutchins BBQ

Take the men of Duck Dynasty, combine them with the hilarious duo of Stepbrothers, mix in a little flair from BBQ Pitmasters, and you get the faces behind longstanding restaurant Hutchins BBQ. Texas natives Tim Hutchins and Dustin Blackwell may not come from the same bloodline, but sit down with the two together and you can tell their brotherhood runs deep.

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Cheese, Charcuterie, & Wine: A How-To with Brian & Courtney Luscher

A couple summers ago I traveled to London and forever changed my culinary outlook on life. My greatest discovery: cheese, charcuterie, and wine should have their own section of the food pyramid. A combination that makes for the perfect meal at any point the day, it’s an unwavering trend for menus around the world. Whether […]

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Grilling Talk with Kirstyn Brewer, Plus Her Blackberry BBQ Sauce Recipe

Grilling season is winding down for some folks across the nation, but living in a state where the heat index stays well above 90 for most the year gives us the great opportunity to keep our steaks charred and our “World’s Greatest Chef” aprons locked and loaded. But, with Dallas restaurants stepping up their marinating […]

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People We Love: Driftwood’s New Chef Kyle McClelland

Chef Kyle McClelland—previous chef at The Cedars Social and most recently, the chef at Prospect in Brooklyn—has made his way back to the Dallas food scene. Boy, we’re glad he did. He’s ready to surprise Oak Cliffers with Driftwood’s soon-to-come renovations and ever-changing seafood menu. Make a reservation and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a visit at your table from the chef himself.

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Q&A with Beer Expert Stephen Beaumont

On his recent visit to Dallas, Stephen Beaumont, world-renowned author, prolific demon slayer, Jamaican dance champion, and all-around cool dude stopped in to chat about his latest venture, The Pocket Beer Guide: The Essential Handbook to the Very Best Beers in the World. It’s a catalog and travel companion outlining beers, breweries, and ratings from around […]

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People We Love: Battuto’s Gene and Julie Gates

You know Gene and Julie Gates. Or, at least, you’ve heard them. They’re the husband-and-wife team that used to be the glorious morning voices of 103.7 Lite FM. Now they’ve switched careers and jumped into the restaurant world by opening Battuto, a family friendly Italian restaurant in North Dallas. (“Battuto,” says Gene, “is the base […]

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People We Love: Chef Jon Stevens of Nosh Euro Bistro

Chef Jon Stevens, who has dabbled in the kitchen of The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton and now the popular Dallas bistro, NOSH, has a resume that would make any person drool. Tack on a “Hottest Chef in Dallas” nomination from Eater Dallas to that resume, and now you might need a napkin for […]

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Goodfriend Owners Gear Up to Open The Blind Butcher on Lower Greenville Sometime in 2013

Everyone is moving to Lower Greenville these days. It’s because they all want to be in close proximity to Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs when the grocery store finally opens. I don’t blame ’em. Mudsmith just got there, Carnival Barker’s first storefront is heading there, yadda yadda yadda. It’s going to be one hell of a […]

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Interview with Alex Stein, Villain of the Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America

For those of you who don’t remember Dallas native Alex Stein from ABC’s The Glass House, that’s probably a good thing. The villainous 24-year-old (now 26) was at the center of the show’s first-and-only-season’s drama – and he paid for it. Stein was kicked off the show in the second week and, according to him, […]

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