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Making Dallas Even Better

The Scoop on Melt Ice Creams in Fort Worth

Brown sugar coffee, lavender honey, and lemon basil sorbet: these are just a few of the homemade flavors planned for the soon-to-be talk of Fort Worth, Melt Ice Creams. (Eater wrote about it earlier this month.) Kari Crowe Seher, Fort Worth photographer/ice cream enthusiast, saw the need over the past few years for an ice cream shop in her Fort Worth neighborhood. After mulling over the idea, Seher got to work.

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iCream Cafe Delights Frisco with Liquid Nitrogen Treats

Heidi Ackerman was watching the Food Network’s Kid in a Candy Store when she saw owner Cora Shaw explain how iCream Cafe was born out of a grad school project. The original iCream Cafe, which is located in Chicago, uses liquid nitrogen machines to make ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and hot pudding right before each customer’s […]

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The Top Twelve Bites I Put in My Mouth in 2012

There’s a common sentiment among restaurant critics: We eat a lot of poor quality and mediocre food before we taste something memorable. But, oh baby, when that over-the-top bite hits your mouth, you know you’ve found it. Something about the drink, dish, or dessert pushes it above the hundreds of thousands of other bites you’ve taken over […]

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Let’s Talk Boxing Day in Dallas!

Hey, hosers! How’s it going, eh? What are your plans for Boxing Day? Betcha Yanks a toonie you didn’t know SideDish is freakin’ huge in Canada! Yep, it’s true, eh? Last time I was in Toronto (Toronnah) I spied some Canadian idiot sporting a toque (two-k) with a big red D on it! My brother-in-law […]

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Eddie “Lucky” Campbell to Open The Chesterfield in Late 2011

Ed Bailey can’t do anything simple. The restaurateur once owned 64 McDonalds. He spent bazillions of dollars on several locations  decorating the interiors with Ralph Lauren wall fabrics, gold-framed oil paintings, and Austrian crystal chandeliers. Today, he operates multiple locations of Bailey’s Prime Plus Steakhouses and Patrizio’s. And he’s backing local barman Eddie “Lucky” Campbell […]

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