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Making Dallas Even Better

The Old and the New at Hypnotic Emporium

Rarely do I go to Denton without stopping at Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream for a scoop of Bees Knees, lavender and honey in a glass coupe, a lovely shade of mauve. The sentimental side of me likes the fact that this has, until now, remained a Denton-specific pleasure: old-fashioned ice cream in the shadow of the historic courthouse. Still, I was tickled when I learned they’d be serving Beth Marie’s ice cream at Hypnotic Emporium, the new soda fountain from the owners of Hypnotic Donuts, whose psychedelically funky sister shop is just next door.

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How Aaron Barker Turned his Small Kickstarter Campaign into a Frozen Dairy Dynasty

Carnival Barker’s latest graphic tee reads, “Give me ice cream or give me death.” It’s a motto owner Aaron Barker churns by, as it took him only a little over a year to propel his frozen dairy dynasty from a small Kickstarter to award winning retail storefront. Barker truly started from the bottom with no funding and is now set to open his second retail location in early 2015. He uses zero high fructose corn syrup, zero artificial flavors, zero preservatives, and a lifetime’s worth of passion to make his unique scoops.

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Peach Porn: Head to Ham Orchards Before the End of the Season

The peach harvest this year has been phenomenal. Head out to Ham Orchards this weekend and see for yourself. Go early and get in line for Eddie Deen’s barbecue. Then grab a rocking chair and enjoy a cup of soft swirl peach ice cream. Take a cooler with you and load up on peach goodies.

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Bolsa Mercado to Change From Grocery Store to Grocerant

Bolsa Mercado is growing from a grocery store to a grocerant.Now customers can sip a glass of wine or drink a beer while shopping or dining in the market. The new designation also allows the space to host private parties and chef dinners. Will you miss your dinners for two?

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