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Bits & Bites: Things to Do and Chew in Dallas This Weekend, July 19

After the rain this week, I recommend going to your local farmers market this weekend. There is sure to be a lot of tasty and fresh produce, so check out my report to find out what else is available. And since I’ll be stuck at home working on my online class today (yuck), you should […]

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Three Dallas Beer Experts Head to LA to Take Master Cicerone Exam

MatĂ© Hartai (The Libertine), Sam Wynne (Flying Saucer/Meddlesome Moth), and Jeff Fryman (formerly of Union Bear and currently working on a new project with Matt Tobin and the folks at Goodfriend) are leaving for LA today. They hope to return as a Master Cicerones, the third and final level of certification of beer service. All three […]

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Brews News: Surefire Hit or Satan in a Sunday Hat? You Be the Judge.

It was bound to happen. Williams Sonoma, aka the folks who brought “keeping up with the Joneses” to the kitchen, has entered the world of mail-order homebrew (except they call it “artisanal beer,” natch). Check it out: With their apartment-friendly beer-making kits, Erica Shea and Stephen Valand of the Brooklyn Brew Shop make it easy […]

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More Brews News: Oak Cliff Brew Riot Homebrew Festival, May 22

Perhaps I have a soft-spot in my heart for Oak Cliff’s Brew Riot Homebrew Festival because it was the first Dallas beer event I attended after moving here to town last May. Or perhaps it’s because Brew Riot is such a grass-roots, neighborhood kind of event. Either way, I get thirsty just thinking about it. […]

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Hide Your Wife; Hide Your Kids. Craft Brewers Are Out To Corrupt Us All.

We feel for Rick Donley; really, we do. Especially after reading this morning’s New York Times article by Chris Smith (Texas Tribune). How befuddling it must be for Donley, as president of the Beer Alliance of Texas (read: lobbyist for big boys Bud Light, Miller Lite, Budweiser, Coors Light and Natural Light), to have to […]

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Oh, Come All Ye Hop Heads to Common Table on Sunday Nights for Brew Masters Viewing Parties

When the Discovery channel announced the development of Brew Masters, a new shadow-style reality show following the men behind the malt, specifically the brew-ventures of Dogfish Head Brewery’s brewer-founder Sam Calagione, we jumped for joy (or would have if we hadn’t had so much beer last night). We thought we couldn’t be happier as we […]

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Relax; Don’t Worry; Make a Homebrew (and Cheese) at Homebrew Headquarters

Let it not be said that brewing is without its drama – it’s marriages, its breakups, it’s longing glances. Oh, who am I kidding. Even at its most scandalous, craft brewing drama is pretty tame. Take the on-again/off-again collegiality of Homebrew Headquarters owner & chief brewing educator Kelly Harris and his former employee and student […]

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