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Making Dallas Even Better

Cheese as Valentine

This time of year, while people are placing orders for roses and chocolates, I’m thinking about cheese. Case in point: when I visited the new Scardello outpost at the Dallas Farmers Market building last week, my questions were all about cheese, with a vision for Valentine’s Day. Did they have Neufchatel, that wonderful heart-shaped cheese […]

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Blue Bell Releases New ‘I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream’ Flavor Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

In Texas, we heart Blue Bell just as much as Floridians love their Publix-brand ice cream. And for a V-Day grinch like me, a gal who has the pleasure of assembling a very long list of places to dine out on February 14, there’s really no joy in all this lovey-dovey frou frou.

But if Valentine’s inspires super-chocolate-desserts like Blue Bell’s newest flavor, I can definitely get on board. The ‘I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream’ flavor is a game-changer.

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Where to Book Valentine’s Day Dinner in Dallas 2014

Alright. It’s that time of the year again—when flowers, hearts, chocolates, and all that other ooey-gooey stuff that grinches like me try to pretend don’t exist. But it does.

So, without further ado, I’m presenting you the list of places to book your V-Day dinner. More menus will flood my inbox soon, so fret not. You’ll have plenty of options within the next two weeks. Start booking those places now, though. I hear The Mansion is already almost full. Dang. Better get on it. Lock it down, boys. Lock it down.

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Look What I Made: (Cheap!) Four Course Valentine’s Dinner

It’s a tricky thing, writing about Valentine’s Day. There isn’t a whole lot to be said that isn’t well-worn territory at this point. Which makes sense, I guess, because Valentine’s Day, from the little candy hearts that say ‘be mine’ to the ubiquitous red cupids and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, seems not to have changed […]

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Love and Chocolate with Chocolatier Michael Recchiuti

When I arrived at Chocolate Secrets last night to attend the invite-only chocolate tasting put together by Sander Wolf of with master chocolatier Michael Recchiuti, I was expecting a group of snobby chocolatiers discussing chocolate in much the same way as wine snobs go on about the nose, finish, and body of wine. Instead of […]

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