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SideDish Traffic: The Greatest Hits of 2014

Ever wonder which SideDish posts attract the most traffic? The answer is just a click away.

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Blue Bell Releases New ‘I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream’ Flavor Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

In Texas, we heart Blue Bell just as much as Floridians love their Publix-brand ice cream. And for a V-Day grinch like me, a gal who has the pleasure of assembling a very long list of places to dine out on February 14, there’s really no joy in all this lovey-dovey frou frou.

But if Valentine’s inspires super-chocolate-desserts like Blue Bell’s newest flavor, I can definitely get on board. The ‘I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream’ flavor is a game-changer.

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Where to Book Valentine’s Day Dinner in Dallas 2014

Alright. It’s that time of the year again—when flowers, hearts, chocolates, and all that other ooey-gooey stuff that grinches like me try to pretend don’t exist. But it does.

So, without further ado, I’m presenting you the list of places to book your V-Day dinner. More menus will flood my inbox soon, so fret not. You’ll have plenty of options within the next two weeks. Start booking those places now, though. I hear The Mansion is already almost full. Dang. Better get on it. Lock it down, boys. Lock it down.

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Look What I Made: (Cheap!) Four Course Valentine’s Dinner

It’s a tricky thing, writing about Valentine’s Day. There isn’t a whole lot to be said that isn’t well-worn territory at this point. Which makes sense, I guess, because Valentine’s Day, from the little candy hearts that say ‘be mine’ to the ubiquitous red cupids and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, seems not to have changed […]

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Love and Chocolate with Chocolatier Michael Recchiuti

When I arrived at Chocolate Secrets last night to attend the invite-only chocolate tasting put together by Sander Wolf of with master chocolatier Michael Recchiuti, I was expecting a group of snobby chocolatiers discussing chocolate in much the same way as wine snobs go on about the nose, finish, and body of wine. Instead of […]

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Last Chance to Book Valentine’s Day Dinners in Dallas

Stay Home and Cook Print out our Happy Hostess’ handy dandy recipe pdf. Impress your guest of honor with Lesley’s chocolate-hazelnut cake and tagliatelle. Eat Out I’ve updated the list of restaurants hosting special Valentine’s Day menus. Check it out. I’d hurry and call, if I were you. Give Her a Gift Our ShopTalk editor, […]

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What To Drink Now: Valentine’s Cocktails for You and Your Sweetie

Still looking for the perfect drink on Valentine’s? If you’re trying to create an air of romance, or just whip up something fun and creative on Valentine’s night, consider one of these tasty cocktails that will put you in the mood for love. Wild Strawberry Seduction 2 oz. SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry 1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice […]

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The Happy Hostess Presents a Dinner for Two: Valentine’s at Home (Recipes Included)

For those of you wishing to avoid the crowds of people rushing out for their prix fixe this Valentine’s Day, plan an intimate dinner at home. You can spend the money you save on a day-after couples’ massage. Normally, I would give tons of advice about how to get the pasta from the kitchen to the […]

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Into Shelley’s Belly: Bark Chocolate by Katy Priore

Little brown bags (nostalgic images of childhood frivolity and happy lunchtime indulgence) arrived at the D offices yesterday from a charmingly peaceful young woman. Katy Priore runs Bark Chocolate, and her philosophy and method of cooking is as enchanting as the chocolate is delicious. “It’s made with love, and that’s the most important ingredient… the fundamental […]

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