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Making Dallas Even Better

Studs Terkel Was My Homeboy—Or What’s On the Menu For Your Labor Day Cookout?

After staring into my fridge for the umpteenth time this week and exclaiming out loud to anyone within earshot, “Who lives here, and why don’t they buy any food??” I’ve realized that it’s time to actually go to the grocery store. And with the long Labor Day weekend ahead of us (I vaguely remember offering […]

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Hotter Than Hell Margarita Meltdown—Now That’s What I Call Community Spirit

Alma‘s execuchef Anastacia Quinones tipped us off to an event that she (rightly) assumed would be right up our alley. On Sept. 4, from 6 to 10 pm, the Bishop Arts District plays host to the Hotter than Hell Margarita Meltdown, a block-party-style competition for bragging rights to the best margarita in Dallas. Restaurants from […]

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