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Making Dallas Even Better

A Very Vegan 4th of July

If you’re the type who whines about vegetarian foods mimicking meaty dishes, skip on to the next post. This is not for you. But if you’re interested in some simple, kid-friendly, all-American-inspired vegan dishes to serve for July 4th, read on. Don’t worry, we’re not talking faux “chicken” nuggets or anything, but a Buffalo wing replacement […]

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Fourth of July Guide: 4 Dallas Chefs’ Favorite Cookout Recipes

This July 4, don’t settle for your usual hot-dog-and-hamburger routine. Four Dallas chefs are sharing their secrets and tips for the tastiest Independence Day cookout your neighborhood has ever seen. Step it up a notch with Lockhart’s spicy adobo sauce, Komali’s pineapple habanero ribs, TJ’s grilled salmon with cucumber dill sauce, and Chino’s teriyaki steak […]

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Look What I Made: Charred Poblano Pesto Recipe

It’s July. Summer is real. The silver lining: fresh peppers abound. Also, in spite of the heat, my (Thai) basil plants are thriving. Poblano pesto was an easy call. This recipe is a summertime nod to the most basic pesto formula — basil or other herbs, nuts or seeds, oil, salty cheese and garlic — and, […]

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Everything You Need for the Perfect July 4 Barbecue

Independence Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to dust off that grill for the big barbecue party you’re having out in the backyard. If you’re not going to be satisfied with just grilling hot dogs and hamburger patties this year, check out some of these recipes in our recipe directory to […]

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Farm to Market Report: Weekend of June 30-July 1

St. Michael’s Farmers Market: New this week! Look out, Park Cities and Preston Hollow residents. You already have the fabulous Celebration Market, and beginning Saturday, a new stop for local produce and artisan foods (decisions, decisions).  St. Michael’s will look to specialize in sustainable, natural and organically grown produce from smaller farms like Rae Lili […]

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