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Where to Celebrate Halloween in Dallas with Food and Drink

With Halloween almost upon us, you’ve probably been inundated with costume event after costume event. Sure, you already know where to party and where to go for a spooky haunted house, but you don’t know where to eat and drink… yet. In about two seconds, you will. I’ve got a whole list ready for y’all. […]

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How to Carve a Pumpkin 101

I’ve never made a jack-o-lantern. In spite of my handicap, my childhood went pretty smoothly. I didn’t murder anyone, and I graduated high school with mostly A’s and B’s. As time passed, however, I did notice a hollowed-out-pumpkin-shaped hole in my heart. It was one that couldn’t be filled with candy corn and miniature Twix […]

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Where to Party for Halloween in Dallas

The opportunities to show off your oh-so-clever DIY costume or seduce the crowd with your garbage-man-gone-sexy uniform are endless. It seems every bar in town is hosting a Halloween bash. Here’s a list of everything we know so far. Updates are constant. If you’re leaving your Sexy ________ costume in the closet and skipping the […]

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